Film: 8262

Social History | 1960 | Sound | Colour


VD in America's teenagers. Venereal Disease.
Animated short. Ten times as many people get gonorrhoea as syphilis.
Film - scientist wearing white coat looks into microscope. Microscopic view of corkscrew shaped organism which causes syphilis, a "spirochete". Still of "Gonococcus" bacteria. Dirty rubbish bin full to overflowing. Dirty water and mud. Close up of hand picking up metal mug. Man fills mug under tap and drinks. Students on college campus. Close up of soapy hands under a running tap. Close up of hands drying on towel. Freeze frame as hand moves towards brass door knob. Animation whereby scribbles are put over people's (fully clothed) genital areas.
Diagrammatic description of syphilitic and gonorrhetic infections in man. Diagrams of blocked tubes in testicle. Diagram of infection in female sexual organs. Untreated, gonhorrea may lead to sterility. Women may pass gonorrhoea to a child.
Still of a hand with joints affected by gonorrhoea.
Syphilis - description with use of diagrams. Film of college students on campus. Still of "chancre" on finger joint and on upper lip (which then disappears). Still of man's back covered in rash. Still of infected palms of hands, sores on face, inside the mouth. People walking along street with circles superimposed.
Doctor in surgery talking to a boy. Girl walks to her window and is silhouetted. Doctor prepares injection, with topless boy waiting.
Close up of gloved hand squeezing chancre. Female doctor filmed through frosted glass. She says goodbye to girl. Male doctor talks to girl. Close up on girl's hands nervously fingering handkerchief. Close up of needle extracting blood. Close up of finger alighting on "Public Health Department" in the telephone directory. Feet mounting stone steps. Out-patient waiting room. Registrar talks to teenager. Doctor talks to boy. Close up of hand pouring medicine cutting to freeze frame. Close up of hand opening mail box to collect packet marked "Rush" - freeze frame. Doctor prepares injection.
Doctor and boy stand up and shake hands.

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