Film: 8265

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Film about the county of Sussex (both East and West). Brief look at the history of the region, tourist areas, towns, churches and farming.
After the title sequence a shot of a map details the county of Sussex - East and West, its coast and the surrounding counties. Main towns are marked, and areas such as the Ashdown Forest and The Weald.
A train with Pullman carriages emerges from a tunnel and speeds through the countryside. Inside people sit at tables in high backed wing armchairs. A silver service waiter offers portions of cake to go with their afternoon tea. Exterior view as the train passes through trees.
On Brighton sea front the Volk's Electric Railway (the little yellow tourist train) carries passengers along passing a small funfair with boat swings. The train passes others coming in the other direction. Aerial view of the coast line shows the sea front with two piers. Two girls play in the surf with a red ball. They wear swimming costumes, and one has a shirt on. Adults and children play on the beach and in the waves. Families build sand castles, some with spades, others use their hands. A father and son fly a kite. Close up of a baby sitting on the pebbles with the buildings on the promenade in the background. A man wearing sunglasses is asleep in a deck chair. Others sun bathe, sit in deck chairs, play in rock pools. Souvenir shops on the front sell ice creams and inflatable toys. People walk along the promenade. General views of the exterior of the Brighton Pavilion with its mixture of Indian and Chinese styles. We look at the domed roof, towers and the crest of the Prince of Wales. Inside is a grand dining table covered with candles and silverware. Close ups of various items displaying the opulence - lights, candelabra. The music room has a harp, a grand piano and an organ with chairs covered in gold leaf.
Exterior shot of a flint and stone wall. A Union Flag Flies. Narrow streets with shops and 17th century houses in Rye, East Sussex. Some are brick buildings, others timber framed. Shot of Chichester centre - people and cars by a central monument or structure. Chichester cathedral stands behind trees. Inside the darkened building we see stained glass and gothic walkways. Long shot of Chichester cathedral from across the surrounding fields.
At Battle we see the ruins of the Abbey built by William of Normandy / William the Conqueror after his conquest in 1066. The church at Worth has elements of Saxon architecture in its structure, so too do the churches at Botolphs (near Steyning) and at Sompting (West Sussex) which has a Saxon tower (looks like a church in the Rhine valley according to the commentary). Shots of the defences built at Pevensey by the Romans. Aerial view of a Roman road stretching across the fields of the Sussex Downs. Then, pre-Roman, we see the Long Man of Wilmington (the image of a man's figure cut into the hillside) and Chanctonbury Ring (on the map this is in the same place as Cissbury Ring I think) - Stone Age - and general views of the Weald.
A man walks towards camera, across a field, carrying a scythe over his shoulder. A man wearing a cap rotivates the soil between rolls of plants by hand. Close up of the rotivator. A dog runs through a path through a wood. The man cuts back ferns with a hand scythe. A pair of fox cubs play at the edge of a field. A younger man fells a tree - first he uses an axe, then a chain saw. The foxes run away and the man looks up as a tall tree falls. A wonderful looking mechanised hay gatherer collects hay, and a man on a tractor pulls a cart stacked with hay bales. Men load extra bales onto the truck with pitch forks. Another man arranges them on top of the stack.
On a dairy farm a cow goes into a shed ready to be milked. Inside many cows are lined up, waiting. Out in the fields a farmer puts out hay for his sheep to feed on. Sheep are groomed and prepared for the annual Petworth show. A pig goes through a gate marked "Pig Wash" and is scrubbed down with soapy water. A pig eats from a bucket while it is being brushed by a man in a white coat. The show is open to the public and people look at stalls and exhibits. A trophy is presented to a winner - The Champion Sussex Trophy. Lovely big cows with rosettes on their heads are paraded past onlookers.
At Hickstead is the All England Jumping Course. Jockeys are weighed and horses prepared. Shots of horse and rider in action jumping over fences. Hunt riders dressed in their red jackets put on a show in the arena. They circuit the field blowing a horn with their hounds. A carriage carries ten people and is pulled by four white horses. It says Boxhill, London on the side. Wide view of the show ground.
A smaller carriage - drawn by four brown horses - makes its way through the Sussex lanes. On board the people are smartly dresses, and the men wear bowler and top hats.
A train passes over a long viaduct.
Shots of a race meeting at Goodwood. Crowds gather, overlooking the track and around the parade ground. Jockeys wear their silks and their horses are led. Nice shots of independent bookmakers drumming up trade and taking bets. A race begins and the crowds look on.
Close up of a white ball which is hit by a polo mallet. General views of a polo match at Cowdrey Park. Spectators stand near their cars with binoculars.
Nice cricket sequence - wide shots of men in white flannels (mostly amateur) and good close ups taken from the position of the wicket keeper. Spectators sit on the grass and in deck chairs. An old lady knits.
A boy wearing a hat and wellington boots carries a fishing rod as he walks along a river bank. Various fishermen sit on the bank, their lines cast, waiting. The boy casts his line and crouches down.
People wander through a cultivated rose garden on a summer's evening. Men wear dinner jackets, women have evening dress as they walk through the grounds at Glyndebourne. Sculpted bust of John Christie - founder of the operatic group. A couple walk away from camera on a grass path. Exterior shots of Chichester Festival Theatre. Crowds queue outside and go in.
General shots of various Sussex stately homes. The exteriors are in different styles. Lewes Castle is made of flint and stone - shots of its exterior.
Montage of shots of different parts of Sussex - rural and in towns. Streets with houses and shops. An old man with a stick. A thatched cottage through the trees. A woodland path. A timbered house. Waves breaking on a sandy shore, leaving sea weed behind. Children play a game of cricket on the flat beach, A fisherman stands and watches a boat go by. Another gathers up his net and walks with his dog past wooden double storey beach huts. Fishermen's boats on a landing beach. Nets are checked and repaired. A shot of a red and white lighthouse at the bottom of a cliff ( probably Beachy Head ) and the fields at the coast. Undulating countryside with fields and trees.
The original map appears on screen.

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