Film: 8266

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | B/W


A film on farming and industry in the valleys of South Wales.

The wheel of a car; the title superimposed. A man on top of a van which drives down a road past the countryside. An aerial view of Port Talbot, in a valley between hills. A valley behind, with a railway, a steam train on it. A river flowing through a valley that it has cut; factories on the flat area to the left; move down to show more of the land to the side: a railway, fields, forest; on the other side, a long line of colliery houses. As the aeroplane or helicopter turns, the fields are seen to have lines through them. Seen from in front of it, a car drives down a road, between fields on hills.

A man on a large plough on a bumpy field. From behind, the plough upturning grass and making double furrows in the ground. The earth moving through the machinery. From the back left, furrows being made. The plough ploughing, the grassy field seen behind; pan left to several other furrows on the field. A river flowing down a valley; move down it. A sheep on a field by the road; a car drives past. View from the front of a car, driving down the road to a small village in a valley. A valley; pull back to factories and houses at the bottom of the hills.

A shepherd drives sheep through a gate around to the front of his farmhouse. The sheep move past the house. The farmer follows them. The sheep run through a gate to another field with cows in it. The farmer follows. Sheep graze; two cows. The farmer turns around and walks back. He walks past his house; dogs follow.

Three sheep by a gate. The farmer walks past a wall of his house to find the three sheep, and starts to take them back. He puts a rope over the sheep's head. He tries to use this to bring the sheep back. The sheep. The farmer continues. He scrapes the sheep's wool coat. The other two sheep. The man takes the rope off the first sheep's neck, and pushes it away; it joins the other two in going back to the field. A sheepdog resting.

The farmer leans through a barn door. He walks out, carrying something, and walks to the gate of the house, which he opens and exits from; a dog follows. The farmer walks up a hill opposite the gate, which is covered with bracken, the farmhouse behind him; he starts to cut some. His head as he does so. He uses a scythe to cut bracken. The blade of the scythe cutting. Pan up from him continuing work, to more of the bracken hillside, and a hill in the distance, a valley beneath with a river and a factory.

From the front of a car, the camera moves along a road in a colliery village, amongst rows of houses. From a hillside, a colliery, the factory covering both flat area and hillside; pan left to show a car driving along the road on the hill. The car drives onto a grass area next to young trees, at the top of a hill; the driver, John Lloyd, a forester, walks out of the car, through the trees, to a forest fire tower. Lloyd walks up a ladder to the top of the tower. From inside, move across the windows to show the landscapes surrounding. A man on a bulldozer levelling off a just made forest hillside road. The bulldozer pushing surplus earth. Seen from in front, it pushes the earth downhill.

A man leads a horse dragging tree trunks down a tree- and grass-covered hill, to a pile of trunks. He unties the chain around it. Two men pick up a log, and put it on a plank by a power saw. The wood is pushed onto the circular saw, and is cut into three parts. The first man throws the cut logs onto a pile, before continuing the cutting. The logs are transported by rail to a colliery.

Two men push carts of logs onto a lift. The top of the machine that works the lift. Five miners leave a lift. Large wheels on towers operating a pulley system. Buckets of waste materials are taken up a skyline over a forest on a hill. Farmland on a hillside. A lift on chains being raised up; many miners get off. They leave the mine, and walk over a narrow bridge.

Some miners leave a building, onto a road. A bus on a street of houses, to take miners to their homes. More men leave the building. With the colliery on a hillside behind, a motorcyclist drives past parked cars, and accelerates onto the road. The full bus starts off. It drives past different parked cars and the hillside.

A man gets into a van in that car park, and drives away. He drives through a track beneath a hillside, above the mine, into a farmhouse. Two young boys walk through a gap in a wall, and run down hillside; a sheepdog runs up to meet them, and then follows them down. They run to meet their father, who puts his arm around them; they then all walk through the gate to the house. Sheep run from a field to a mud path, two cows following. The farmer leads two cows through a gate at the side of the house, and into a shed.

Below, a forest on the hillside; the river, cutting through the valley; and, further left, the colliery, a rail track leading towards it. A steam train carries coal away from the colliery. A large building, a bulldozer outside it; pan left across various buildings. A crane lifting coal into a skip. A man drives a digger, lifting coal. Buildings. Pipelines over a river valley. The pipeline as it moves to stone.

The river in a valley between a dirt bank and hillside. From the front of a car, move up a road over a bridge. The car goes over the bridge; pan down and across to show the forest and the river beneath. From further along the road, the thin river cutting through the bank. Nearer the sea, the wide river by rocky bank, hilly landscape behind. A field on a hill; farm birds on the hillside, a cow further down. Two cows on a field, near the entrance to a coal mine.

A man walks past a stack of logs into a coal mine, a hole in the side of the valley. A circular light moves forwards and is revealed as the light in the miner's helmet; he walks towards the camera. He walks past the walls and the rocky floor, water continuously dripping. Man's feet stepping through puddles; very dark. The helmet light first visible; the miner walks towards the camera, stepping over roof fall. He crawls through rocks carrying a spade. He lies down amidst falling coal. From the top, the miner and a truck of coal are pulled out of the mine by a chain, which is unfastened, and three men manually push the truck from the back.

Two men supervise coal falling onto the back of a van. A man digging a pile of coal with a spade, a dog wandering around on top. The men still supervise the coal. One of them throws a spade upwards to a miner at the top of the pile; once all the coal has fallen onto the van, one man gets into it, and drives off. Port Talbot town centre; a policeman standing on a zebra crossing, road vehicles driving each side of him, pedestrians walking past shops. As seen from a car side window, pavement and shops. A policeman in the middle of the road as traffic goes past. Buses arrive at and leave from a bus station. An aerial view of Port Talbot, factories and houses, hills behind. Another view of the town; credits superimposed.

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