Film: 8269

Aviation | 1930 | Sound | B/W


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Aeronautical Oddities.
Intertitle: "News Flashes from Everywhere".
Coatesville, Pennsylvania. Traffic comes down a road towards camera. One vehicle turns off the road. It is actually an aircraft with its wings turned through 90 degrees so that it can travel in traffic more easily. It is a one person craft with very little body work so the pilot is quite open to the elements. The aircraft goes into a field and the man rotates the "turntable wings" ready for flight. The aircraft takes off and flies for a short time (although quite successfully) before landing.
Intertitle: "Oldest Airplane Flies Tail-First. D. T. Granville demonstrates his unique ship in Springfield, Mass., driving it with automobile controls".
A man stands proudly beside an aircraft which has its tail in front of the propeller. From inside the cockpit he addresses camera and demonstrates the controls. A second man turns the propeller. The aircraft has a short flight.
Intertitle: "Orangeburg, N.Y. - Windmill Plane is good looking but it won't leave ground".
A peculiar oval shaped aircraft, with a pair of propellers above its body which are more like windmill sails, stands outside an aircraft hangar. Close up of the sails rotating. Side shot of the aircraft reveals that it is called 'The Gray Goose'. Crowds watch as a group of men pull the aeroplane along using a rope. Another pushes from behind. It does not take off.
Intertitle: "Flying Barrel New Sky Marvel. Tubular plane invented by Italian engineer proves surprisingly airworthy in test at Milan".
An aircraft with large wing span and single propeller has a hollow body. The propeller is started. Close up of tail flaps being moved. The craft taxis, then is in flight over a town.
Intertitle: "New Air Wonder - Flying Wing! C. L. Snyder's queer craft tested at South Bend, Ind. - Expected by experts to revolutionise aviation".
A craft is rotated for the camera. Its wing is as deep as the length of the aircraft. It takes off from the airfield. Shot of the aircraft in flight - fairly high - looking like a large semi-circle.
Intertitle: "Test Spindle Plane! New York - Latest in aviation! I. C. Popper, inventor, claims greater lift and lower landing speed for new wingless airship".
A strange craft with a single propeller has revolving barrel shaped objects instead of wings. The inventor stands next to the aircraft and explains the theory behind it. Close up of the spindles revolving.
Intertitle: "Lawrence, Kan. Trick 'plane defies modern aviation! - Odd 'Potato Bug' proves professor's flight theory".
A small squat aircraft with rear propeller moves through a field. It takes off and lands successfully. Shots of the craft in flight. The pilot opens the door to the cockpit and salutes.
Intertitle: "Glenview, Ill.".
Two men stand by an aircraft which has a single circular wing (early flying saucer!). The single propeller is cranked and the aircraft has a successful take off, flight and landing.
Intertitle: "Glendale, Cal. - Tailless plane, new flying freak, is successfully tested".
What looks like half an aeroplane (it's a cockpit with wings) taxis on some tarmac. It has a rear propeller. It takes off and flies successfully.
Intertitle: "Oddities in the News Caught by Camera. Cickovice, Czechoslovakia - Vinzenz Chalupsky tries out the model of a bird airplane".
The professor fills his small hand held contraption with compressed air. The wings flap and he releases the mechanical bird which flies around before crashing to the ground.
Intertitle: "Plane Flies Self! Pilot leaves controls in daring test over Glendale, Calif.".
A rather normal looking aircraft takes off. In side the cockpit the pilot leaves his seat and stands outside the cabin. The joystick can be seen moving by itself. He gets back into the aeroplane, and then leaves the aircraft via the roof and waves to camera. The aircraft is in flight throughout.
Intertitle: "Aero-Bike almost gets off ground but not this time".
An aircraft powered by pedal is demonstrated for the camera. Close up of the pilot's feet and demonstration of the controls. A launch is attempted from a ramp which slopes downwards. The aircraft drops off the end and is not airborne at all.
In Paris, France two men get ready the "electroplane". The tail sticks up in the middle of the craft. Demonstration of the flaps in operation. The aircraft takes off, flies and lands successfully.
Intertitle: "Tries to fly like a bird but flops. Willard E. Blain, inventor, tests his new ornihopter at New London, Conn., with doubtful success".
A man wearing a flying helmet stands with cumbersome wings and tail strapped to his body. He talks to camera about how he believes he can "fly like a bird". He stands on a bridge and jumps off. His attempts to fly are to no avail and he crashes into the water below. He tries again - by running across a field. He stands at the top of a rock and attempts to take off, but again crashes into the floor below.
Intertitle: "This Helicopter Almost Flies! W. P. Kindree, of Detroit, offers the 'Sky Car', a new idea in aeronautics".
The inventor stands by the Sky Car and explains its theory. The pilot gets in and starts her up. The rotary blades above the car turn and go up and down like an umbrella. The wheels bounce off the floor, but the craft is never quite airborne.
Intertitle: "If it won't fly, try it as a reducing machine".
The Sky Car continues to bounce up and down with out achieving much.
Intertitle: "Flying Butcher Shoots the Works in Rocket Glider. Van nuys, Calif.".
Two men on an open piece of land demonstrate a small rocket. They then attempt the real thing - a "bicycle rocket glider". One of the men puts on a flying helmet and mounts the contraption. He has an attachment on his neck which, if he nods violently, flaps the aircraft's wings. He attempts take off. He pedals while a man runs with him pushing to increase speed, and another runs along trying to light his rocket jet. The jet is alight, but he crashes down sideways, and because his neck is tied to the wings he cannot get away from the bicycle. His friends have to douse his backside with water to stop it burning.

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