Film: 828

Music | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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Extracts from Jim Dale television show of 1960's with musical guests.
1. Starts with the tail end of a male duo singing. The host Jim Dale introduces the pop singer Tom Jones. Tom, wearing a suit, sings 'Not Responsible' and dances on a set with tall lava lamps. Teenage audience applauds. Jim Dale speaks to Tom about his new record release. Extract ends abruptly.
2. Jim Dale introduces the Londonaires who will sing 'Dearest Emma' a song dedicated to the character 'Emma Peel' from 'The Avengers'. . The Londonaires are three men in suits, quite 'square' looking in bowlers dressed to look like Steed from the Avengers.. They pick up bowler hats and umbrellas while young women in white catsuits dance around them as they sing. One of the girls, wearing a catsuit, dances around the men and they direct the song towards her as if she is 'Emma'. They pick her up. They put her down and kneel and sing to her. She plays with a gun and holster hanging around her waist. Song ends. Emma points the gun jokingly at Dale. Cuts to blank screen.
3. Extract begins with the end of Rolling Stones pop group singing 'Lady Jane' on a set with swirling psychedelic paintings. They are all seated and Brian Jones plays an exotic stringed instrument. Song ends. Audience applaud. Jim Dale speaks brief pap to singer Mick Jagger. The Stones, now standing play 'Paint it Black'. Brian Jones remains seated and plays a sitar. Jagger sings and dances. Shots of other members, Keith Richards(guitar), Charlie Watts (drums) and Bill Wyman (bass). The image is deliberately distorted to give a psychedelic feel. Song ends, audience clap. Jim Dale says farewell until next week.

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