Film: 8281

Feature Drama | 1950 | | Colour


Jerusalem, Israel. A story about a boy as he explores the Old City of Jerusalem.

A school boy in his uniform with shorts and peak cap walks through the dusty streets of Jerusalem. Panning view of the city. Religious procession through the crowded streets. Christian ritual of the Holy Fire. Security stand arm to arm to try and hold the crowds back in the narrow streets. A prayer is read. Close ups of people's faces in deep thought or contemplation. Panning view of the Old City from outside its walls. Closer up the young boy from earlier is now with a group of similar aged boys and they run and climb over the walls and into a dark tunnel. Two guards wave to the boy to come down off the wall and he joins them and shakes hands. They talk and laugh before saying goodbye.
Two boys kneeling on the ground play a game of tapping two eggs together.
The boy from the start of the film continues his walk through the Old City's narrow streets on his own as other people go about their daily lives.
A potter making a clay vase and spinning the pottery wheel with his feet. In a market the boy stops and points at a tray of pastry sweets. The stall holder wraps them for him and the boy pays, but starts eating the pastry straight away.
The boy meets another group of boys and stops to play football with them. They are heading the ball against the city walls.
Boy continue his walk through the old city streets. Two cars drive past (1950's era). A pool of water amongst old ruins.
The boy arrives on foot at the Holy Sepulchre Church, a regular stream of people are coming and going. A fully laden donkey walks through the city gates. A 1950s style US car drives through the archway, followed by a red van.
The boy gazes up at the huge stones of the city wall. The boy visits the Dome of the Rock Islamic shrine on Temple Mount. Restoration work is being done on the dome. The boy points upwards to the dome. Close ups of the intricate mosaic detailing on the building.
The boy wanders along narrow pathways and tries to push a large boulder outside a dark cave or hole. A tower or steeple and the tops of other religious buildings and churches. A religious mural painted on the outside of a church's entrance. View over the hillside and agricultural area beyond the wall city. Boy sits under a large tree before looking over the city at dusk from a high wall.

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