Film: 8289

Feature Comedy | 1910 | Silent | B/W


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Comedy based at seafront in California. Bath house. Ferris wheel. Ostriches. Life guards.
To life savers – one fat, one thin. At a fairground man tries a test your strength machine – hammer and bell. Men look on. His wife appears unhappy. Woman stands over something which blows her skirt up. Young man sits on test your strength machine and is catapulted into the sea. He lands near a rowing boat. The two occupants fall in. Woman starts to change her clothes, but doesn’t notice the open window. The life guards rush to watch her, she is startled, backs out of room and knocks woman into swimming pool. She calls policeman over and indicates peeping toms or ‘mashers’. Cop grabs man by face and pushes him over into bar. Three men stand side by side and drink beer. Cop stands and watches woman start to undress, but she stares at him and he leaves. On bench, father, mother and girl have a disagreement over some of her clothing. Slapstick. Wife tries to reel in husband along a thread from his clothing, but she won’t enter the bar where he is. She throttles him. Man and woman sit on bench and girl slaps man. Young woman and man enter swimming baths. At baths girl is given a pair of trunks, she returns them for a woman’s costume. Outside bearded man stands in updraft and his top had blows off. Swimmers drag cop into pool. Strongman hits man on head with hammer. Fat bather in striped costume. He bows to girls and knocks them. He enters swimming pool via slide and empties pool of people. They all jump back in again. Man beard catches alight, barman tries to extinguish it with a soda siphon. Outside, men sit on a wire, girl tips them off it and laughs. Girl’s locket is eaten by an ostrich. Lifeguards jump into pen and wrestle ostrich to floor, getting locket back. Girl is delighted. Man rides ostrich. At a fairground attraction man gets his fingers caught in cash till by the stallholder. Fairground game is one of throwing balls at moving targets. A rebound knocks cup from bearded man’s grasp. He is wet. He goes after the man who throws the ball. Man disguises himself as a target dummy. Over pool, man swings from rings, girl pushes him falls into pool and takes his outer trunks with her. On target range, man throws ball at dummy – it’s head comes off. Man disguised as dummy flees. Real slapstick sequence where everyone is involved in a throwing balls at the moving targets. Strongman gets involved and hits dummies with his hammer. Chase onto roof. Man hits other man with hammer and he falls through skylight into bath a fully clothed woman was preparing for herself. People fall in and are pushed into pool. Strongman punches door panel in. He thinks his wife is committing adultery. Man hides in shower, but accidentally pulls cord and gets wet. He is kicked into pool. Man turns sluices to empty swimming pool and man is carried away. Men stand on roof of compartment of Big Wheel. It rotates. Big dipper with woman on it. Lots of people end up in sea. The water police take a grab and lift them out into a police wagon. People run off in a Police Patrol wagon canopy.

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