Film: 8295

London | 1930 | Silent | B/W


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Crystal Palace Co-Operative show. Thousands of people, especially children, entertained at all day event. Film has sub-titles.
From the top of the stairs on the terrace the camera pans across the lawns to show people walking about. People on the stairs in the half distance. British and foreign delegates - Mr. Vaino Tanner, the President of the International Co-operative Alliance, Mr. R. A. Palmer, secretary of the British Co-operative Union, Professor F. Hall and Mr. C. E. Wood of the Education Department lean over the balcony on the terrace watching events below.
Children of the Enfield Highway Co-Operative Society's Junior Organisations: brass band marches by followed by very long procession of children who carry many large banners. Filmed both close up and quite a long way away. Very long columns of marching children. The adult officials wave in close-up. The marchers march for a couple of minutes. Some are in little uniforms. Flags are carried.
The Woodcraft Folk march by with flags. There are very young children in this group. Banners proclaim "Woodcraft Folk" and "Marshlanders Friendship".
Children of the R. A. C. S. Woolwich Junior Circle which was formed in 1884: led by Miss Phyllis Lawrenson, the granddaughter of the founder Mrs. Mary Lawrenson. Children dressed in costumes of 1884 and 1934. One of their banners reads "Royal Arsenal Co-Operative Society Ltd". Children march by. Banners read "Upper Belvedere Co-Operative" and "R. A. C. S. Help One Another".
The Crystal Palace building itself - pan up to reveal glass. More marching by various groups from London - Charlton and Abbey Wood. Girls in Welsh national costumes. Children in Scottish kilts. A parade of nations. The editor of the Co-Operative Publishing Society Mr. Flanagan and the assistant editor T. W. Mercer are present. They wave over the balcony. Dancing display by children with the Crystal Palace in the background. Folk dancing by the London Co-operative Society - the Circassian Circle: children dance in a large group before breaking off into smaller groups where they link hands in centre and run round in a circle. Audience in the grandstand. Lots of dancing, some of which looks Scottish or traditional. Skipping. Audience in stands. Long shot of massed ranks of dancers. Children in pairs skip in a long winding line.
"Members of the Margaret Morris Dancing Classes Royal Arsenal Co-operative Society" do another dance display with a bit more stretching than before. This dance is quite regimented before the interpretative part where the girls are dressed as pixies and elves.
"Tableau of all Nations": girls march by in Welsh costume following the Welsh flag. highland dancing. Flags of St. George and many other nations, principally European, but also including America and Japan. The athletics track. The children march after flags.

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