Film: 8297

Medicine | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Girls in a high school classroom hearing about career opportunities. Teacher is leaning over a table. On the board many professions. One of the girls is drawing a nurse in her notebook.
The girl is filling in an application form: her pen stops working. Now we see that she is sitting at a table across from [ opposite? ] a head nurse who offers her another pen. They speak (cut from close-up of one to another) about nursing today and how it has changed towards being more humane and caring for the individual. They both get up to go to the children's ward. Close-up of a small child in bed: a lady is buttoning his pyjamas. The nurse is talking to him while tucking in the blanket; the head-nurse and applicant come in and can be seen through a glass window; they proceed to see the school-room; kids are playing on the carpet; some look at books on the table; the young applicant is smiling, looking around; they move on along the corridor, seeing a room with patients who suffer in their bones; - another room with a kid in a bed playing 'models' with a nurse. The head nurse and applicant are talking. In another room - a doll on the bed of a girl who is drawing. A nurse comes in to check temperatures; another nurse, checking the thermometer in an old lady's mouth, writes something down and then looks at the needlework the patient has done. In another room, a nurse with a sanitary mask on is checking the abdomen of an old lady who is lying down; she covers her and puts a pillow under her head. Doctor's visit, seen from the back; a nurse is helping a patient out of bed into a wheelchair; another nurse is sitting next to a male patient, taking his blood pressure. A bed is being wheeled out of a room: the patient is on a drip. A nurse brings a new-born baby to its mother then attends an anxious mother: both look at her baby inside an incubator.
A poster of the internal organs. In a classroom a nurse teacher is talking to a nursing-class about nutrition: the class participates. In the ward, food is being served; one of the students is convincing a patient to eat to be strong for his operation; the patient next to him is complaining about his food and prefers his neighbour's portion; the student is leaning over to say that if there is some left over she'll get it for him. Those who feel better can eat together round a table; a nurse is watching over. Another nurse is feeding a patient in difficulty. All the trays are piling up on the trolley; a lady in blue uniform [ orderly? ] is pushing it to the kitchen. Dishes are being pulled out by one of the workers. The students are getting together in an office to discuss dietary problems of patients; close-up of note-books, anatomy books. The head nurse and the young, keen candidate are talking in the library about the nursing course and its demands.
In a student's bedroom, two young women are preparing for exams. One asks the questions: the other answers while doing her hair up. - A knock on the door; a young woman comes in to collect golf-clubs and goes; we see her going through a room full of nurses in their leisure-time; she picks up a letter and goes out to meet her friend who is in a sports car. They are off. Night-time in a town-centre; there's a light in a window. Inside, students are painting and decorating. One of the flat-mates is in the nursing-school; she brings in a tray of tea before going off to her shift. Now she is in hospital, one of the patients is using the 'emergency' buzzer. She rushes off to him, turning the light on. The patient complains of his neighbour's snoring. She suggests a glass of hot milk will help him to sleep without disturbing the neighbour who is due for an operation the next day. In the operating-theatre, an operation is taking place - a siren in the background. Cut to ambulance outside: a patient is wheeled in on a bed. Testing tubes. [ = Test-tubes.? ] Two nurses with masks on: one is preparing a syringe; the other nurse is arranging a drip.
Intensive care unit. Nurses at work: one is filling in a card. Test-tubes; a tray of tools. A patient is wheeled onto an old-fashioned x-ray machine; a technician is focusing the machine. A nurse is taking the pulse of a patient who is inside an oxygen-tent; they exchange a smile. Close-ups of a clock; a card. A ward-sister on the telephone. A young man, dressed in a suit, comes in to say, 'goodbye': he is the one who had the operation. A nurse from the ward is coming to see him off - checking he's got all he needs. - 'Goodbye' from the student who fed him: she smiles with inhibition [ /She smiles inhibitedly, shyly ].
Back in the office, the young, keen applicant is filling in a form and handing it over to the head nurse who reassures her about her choice of a career in nursing.


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