Film: 8298

Places + Locations | 1960 | Silent | Colour + B/W


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Collection of four family films from same family. Amateur home movie.

Coastal resort holiday featuring John, Diana and Amanda Huntley.
Majorca or Mallorca. Colour of continental Europe, a coastal scene with a pan around a bay. Bright, sunny day. Yacht in foreground and dry, barren land on far hillside. A mother (Diana Huntley) crouches by side of pushchair with her daughter (Amanda Huntley) sitting in it. Amanda is probably not quite one year old. She has her arm raised to wave at daddy, the cameraman. Two children being pushed in a wooden crate on wheels. Mother pushes sleeping baby along quayside as baby sleeps with her thumb in her mouth. Nice close shot of sleeping baby in pushchair. Sign says Ptd de Pollensa (Majorca, Balearics, Spain). Mother pushes baby in pushchair along road in coastal town. She turns into apartment. Sitting outside the baby is fed baby food from a spoon. Looks like gruel. Baby wears bib with 'Monday' on it. She struggles with the bright light. Views of distant dry hillsides. Shot from first floor of John Huntley at a table eating. He is brought a plate of food. Woman scrambles down slope onto sandy beach and walks away from camera. She carries beach bag and wears a sunhat. On beach with Diana Huntley gingerly patting a dog. John Huntley enjoying the sun. Sunglasses are worn by both. Two babies are introduced to one another. Very jolly, happy, smiling baby Amanda is held up to the camera and she cuddles her mother. Woman line fishing over back of boat. A large fish is caught, she looks aghast. Boatman steers boat in bay. Views from boat of Pollensa. More fishing by the tourist couple. Woman cannot bring herself to touch the fish she has caught and shies away. In the sea, woman wearing a bathing cap swims. Man paddles to camera, stands in the shallows and performs a mini bow to the camera. Boatman walks along concrete wharf or quay in bay. He tends to cooking pot.
THE END at 08:14

Second film from the U.K.
Colour. Probably February (ish) 1963. Horses and carts at a show pass line of cars. Mother pushes baby girl aged 18 months in pushchair along tarmac path in park. Girl looks at camera. Father pushes daughter in pushchair through park - probably Regent's Park. Big houses in background. Smiling mother carries smiling daughter along as they look at horses who are kitted out in regalia and looking very smart. Owner cleans leather on part of harness. Horses and carts or wagons. People watch what might be judging. Good display of big working horses. Toddler in pushchair. Mother points out interesting details to daughter. Film cameraman with BBC camera on tripod. Horse pulls a cart briskly. Pearly King. Donkey. Two fathers each hold their daughters up to see donkey. Girl is balanced on edge of wagon. Group of adults work in their communal garden. Bringing in wheelbarrow loads of soil to fill borders. Digging, tramping down, sweeping up. Ends at 13:44

Next film is b/w. Probably near Rye. Young woman sits on shingle beach. She smiles and looks cold. She throws stones at camera. Anglers fishing in the sea from the beach. Woman plays peek-a-boo over parapet of lighthouse with camera. Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch steam railway. Boy cleans steaming engine of train. Woman looks at engine. Long shot of train with at least ten carriages steaming along.

Two girls aged seven and two play with a rope in back garden. They smile and laugh. Their grandmother sits and watches. Mother and older daughter jump together with a skipping rope. Grandmother picks up two year old. Ends at 17:13

Colour. The Mermaid Inn in Rye. Woman looks out of bedroom window, filmed from inside and outside. AA sign on wall of hotel. Hotel is attractive, covered in ivy or Russian vine, and is half timbered. She swings her handbag as she walks up the cobbled street. A kitten sits on an older woman shoulder as Dian Huntley strokes it. She then holds it herself. John Huntley strolls through large garden and looks at gladioli. Woman strolls through garden with five year old boy and coaxes him to smell a rose. She demonstrates how. To 19:55

Black and white. Receding point of view from back of a small railway train going up a steep hillside. Passing another 'train'. Slow phantom ride going uphill. Probably Switzerland. Woman moves to open window of castle or solid stone building overlooking a lake. Very close shots of her smiling at the camera. Looking down on young woman in courtyard. A passenger paddle steamer on a lake. Looking around a chateau. John Huntley looks out of a stone window. He blows kisses and waves to the camera. Boat on lake passes castle, schloss or similar building. It carries a Swiss flag on the stern.

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