Film: 8299

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Buster in a diver's suit, climbing down into the water. Under water. He falls to the ground. Walks, slowly. At the ship's screw, with bag and board. He puts up the board, takes an axe and a container out of the bag. The sign: 'Danger - Men at work.' His hammer floats away. He catches it and begins to work. His hands get dirty. He takes a bucket, 'fills' it with water and washes his hands, then 'dries' them. He 'pours out' the bucket. At the shore. Natives spot the ship. Their king sends them to the boats. Buster, working. A lobster clings to his boots. Buster takes it and uses its scissors to cut a thread. A sword fish arrives and stings him. Buster grabs him. Another one. Buster uses the first one to fence with the second one. Buster wins. Natives arrive at the Navigator and climb up. The woman, turning a wheel to supply Buster with oxygen. The natives grasp for her. She fights, tries to pull some ropes to give Buster a signal. A native cuts the ropes (and the air supply). They carry the girl away. Buster, surprised, stops working. No air? He pulls at the ropes. The natives carry the girl into their boat and row away. Buster finds the cut ends of the ropes and is stunned. He tries to jump up, but he is too heavy. He tries to take off his belt, but can't undo the knot. He starts walking. An octopus. Buster, walking. He gets caught by an arm of the octopus. A struggle. Ink. Buster finds his knife. Behind a rock. The struggle. Buster obviously wins, walks on. The girl at the shore. Lots of natives, cheering. The girl looks around at the natives. She is frightened. The sea. Buster, very slowly, walks out of the water. The natives spot him and withdraw (because he looks so strange in his diving suit). He frightens them away. At last even the king. The girl, alone, runs to Buster and kisses the screen of his helmet. She opens the knot and frees him from the belt. The natives, watching. The girl takes an oar. They walk into the sea, the girl sits on the floating Buster, and rows to the Navigator. Buster hasn't much air left. The natives move forward, slowly. Girl and Buster at the ship. She opens the helmet. The suit is filled with water, and Buster sinks. She tries to pull him up, but he is too heavy. He cuts open the suit and loses some water. The natives prepare to fight. Buster, finally, on deck. He climbs a ladder and turns upside down, thus losing the water. The natives. The girl helps Buster to get rid of his suit. The natives arrive at the Navigator. They climb up. Buster and the girl notice and cut the ladder (with an axe; Buster catches shortly in a rope while getting it). The ladder with the natives falls into the sea. Buster and the girl pour buckets of water on their heads. Buster, with a bucket, falls down. The king prepares a new attack. The natives run to their boats. Buster and the girl, despaired. The natives, rowing to the Navigator. Buster with a box of firework rockets. The natives. Buster, putting the rockets in rows. The natives. Buster, lighting the rockets. Smoking rockets fly over the boats of the natives. Some of the boats are hit, the natives jump out. They withdraw. Buster and the girl and smoke, on the deck. A boat arrives at the other side of the Navigator. Buster wants to cut the ladder with an axe, but misses. Second try: The axe flies between his legs, he falls down. Third try: he cuts the rope, natives and ladder fall into the sea. More natives arrive at the Navigator and erect a palm tree. Buster, collecting rockets, sees the tree. Natives climb up. Buster takes a coconut and smashes it on the head of the first native. He glides down, taking the others with him. Buster throws nuts at them. A monkey in the tree throws a nut at Buster, he falls down. Down at the sea: A boat of the natives. Buster tips over the tree, it crashes the boat. A native climbs up a rope between his boat and the Navigator. Buster with a tiny cannon. He lights the fuse, catches in a rope and pulls the cannon after him. When he notices he tries to run away, but of course the cannon always points at him. He meets a native, falls down, the cannon shoots, hits the native, and he falls over board. Buster frees his foot, caresses the cannon shortly. The girl sets all the rockets on fire, accidentally, then runs away. Buster is standing among exploding rockets, runs away, glides through the legs of the girl, they both fall down. The natives have climbed the ship. Buster and the girl hide in an open room (without a door), the natives look for them on deck and don't see them. Buster and the girl run to the rail, where a rope leads to a boat of the natives, take a lifebelt. The natives on deck. Buster lowers the girl in the belt to the boat. The natives spot Buster. Buster glides down to the boat. The girl falls into the water, Buster jumps after her. The natives jump into the water. Girl and Buster with the belt. The natives approach in their boats. Buster and the girl decide to drown, he throws the belt away. They sink... then they surface again, standing on top of a submarine. Buster on the hatch. The hatch opens, Buster falls into the sea. A sailor appears, and Buster and the girl climb down into the submarine. The natives arrive. Buster closes the hatch. Inside: He falls down on a sailor. The sailor pulls a lever, and the submarine sinks down, with the natives on top. Buster and girl, relieved. the girl kisses Buster. Buster, surprised, falls against the lever. The submarine rolls around. The sailor grabs for the lever and stabilizes the submarine. Another sailor, complaining. The cook arrives with broken frying pan and container, complaining. Buster, embarrassed, and the girl, embracing him. THE END.

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