Film: 8305

War + Military | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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A film of the occupation of Manila by American forces during World War Two.

A 1940s graphic, a map of Luzon and Manila, Philippines shows an arc emanating from Manila. Wide view of the city almost flattened by bombs. Similar with a road through . Three soldiers crouch and uncover with their hands a buried Japanese mine. Close up, hands defuse the trigger mechanism. American soldiers climb out of a ruined house and advance through a wrecked garden. Two US soldiers in a shallow trench fire mortars. Similar as other soldiers smoke, sit on the ground and unwrap mortars. Three US soldiers run across a bombed village landscape with rifles, one takes up position, then runs on. Two soldiers advance cautiously through war-damaged area, and crouch down. One soldier taking cover by a fence, moves off again. Close up, a US tank ploughs through domestic back garden. Two US soldiers precede tank as it moves into a covered arch.

Inside a building on the first floor, three soldiers man a 37mm anti-tank gun positioned at an open window. Same from behind the gun.
(catalogue stopped due to condition )

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