Film: 8307

Food + Drink | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Food and the benefits of proper and balanced diet - vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals, proteins and fats. London zoo. Various animals. Good shot of llama pulling a children's' cart. Norwich, Norfolk, East Anglia street market with greengrocer's and butcher's stalls. Very nice tracking shot through market. Porter carries wooden crate of radishes and lettuce on his head. Horse drawn cart. Horse in market with its loose fitting nosebag on. Man stands in front of Lowestoft fish stand and happily eats eels or cockles. He is old, smiling and toothless. Cartoon descriptions of benefits of proper and balanced diet - vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals, proteins and fats. Animals in wild, hippopotamus, giraffe eating leaves from branch of tree in close up. At London Regent's Park zoo two small white ponies pull a cart. Schoolgirl and two twenty-something girls and one schoolboy boy hang about at top of steps. One girl wearing very typical big 1950's style dress hops out of carriage and walks up steps. Good close ups of girl talking to camera - she has a very demonstrative face. Elephant being walked slowly by zoo keeper. Hamster chewing on carrot in amongst lettuce and carrots. At petting zoo boy feeds baby goat milk from bottle whilst his young brother strokes the kid. Children clamber into back of cart which is harnessed to llama. Young adults look at cockatiel or cockatoo on perch. Girl walks off after friends and throws unhealthy food in bin. Raccoon (?) in cage. Chimpanzee eating banana. Keeper feeding seals or sea lions fish. Another keeper unhooks lower bar on gate of lions cage. Lion and lioness wait expectantly. Lion drags first large meat covered bone off on his own. Lioness gets a second bone. People sitting on bench as llama cart passes in background. Boy and girl on bench eat orange ice lollies. Youngsters enter cafeteria and talk all the time. Pan down to a table on which is a bun on a side plate. Man with tray with pie, and three slices of bread on it looks up at camera, puts in his monocle and continues to stare as camera tracks away. A young woman has taken a tray of salad, yoghurt and a pint of orange squash. Various trays of lunchtime food - spaghetti, salad, steak. A table with unprocessed or unprepared food on it - two mackerel, fresh vegetables, milk, meat, eggs.
The foursome eat lunch in the cafeteria at London Zoo with a polar bear visible in the background.

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