Film: 831

Entertainment + Leisure | 1930 | Sound | B/W


Caption 'On Parade with Hazel Ascot and Naval Massed Bands' 1930's

Theatre programme 'Naval Finale' - 'True Blue'. Presents the Band of H.M. Royal Marines, the Sovereign Singers, Hazel Ascot and her eight boyfriends.
Stage set of large battleship with guns pointing forward. Marine band is playing. There is also a band in the orchestra pit but not playing. Singing sailors or marines enter and march across stage. No close ups until small lady enters dressed in sailor suit (presumably Miss Ascot). Sings song with interjections from chorus. Singer seems to be copying Shirley Temple style. Tap dances. Dog asleep in dog basket wakes up. Sailors enter dancing hornpipe-type dance. Dog tries to enter stage area. All move to centre stage. Dog watches from wings. Big guns fire. Smoke. Chorus march up and down singing jaunty song. Chorus wave hats. Pit orchestra joins in all singing and playing 'Rule Britannia'. End.

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