Film: 8312

Feature Comedy | 1930 | Sound | B/W


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Comedy 1930's
A chase in the British Museum as the crooks run up a staircase. The baddies or villains shoot with pistols at the goodie or hero, Jack, who escapes hiding in the rear end of a horse suit of armour. Close up of men firing guns at Jack. Jack pushes part of a wheeled chariot down the staircase to stop them. Jack sees a label for Aboriginal Boomerangs and throws boomerangs at the baddies. They are knocked out and fall over with comedy music and sound effects. Jack manages to knock himself out with one of his own boomerangs. One of the villains steals something from his jacket as he lies unconscious and runs off through a secret passageway in an open tomb. Jack recovers and climbs over a bannister and picks up a heavy slab to keep the entrance to the tomb open. He climbs into the tomb. The villain runs through a tunnel in the disused Museum Station on the London Underground (recreated in the studio?) and up some steps leading from the platform.

03:02:00. Jack and the others along with a policeman run down a staircase into the station. Jack climbs down a ladder and is confronted by two of the villains, they exchage punches. One of the villains runs up a staircase. The heroes run down another staircase. The heroes with the policemen gather on the platform then run off in pursuit again. Fist fight in tube tunnel. Various shots of the chase along the Tube platform. Two men fight and grapple on the platform one with a broom and one with a stick or umbrella. A man opens an iron gate in the station. The two men continue fighting on the platform, the baddie throws the stick onto the track where it fizzles on the live track. They roll onto the tracks and continue wrestling and fighting. View of a tube train. The driver of the train. View of the track from the moving train. The lighted windows of the carriage as it speeds along. The men fighting on the tracks. The train pulls into the station and the driver sees the men just in time and stops the train.

05:35:00. The driver helps the hero up from the track. Detectives arrive on the platform. There is a discussion and some confusion as to who is who. Bulldog Drummond identifies himself. One of the villains, Morelle, meanwhile peers out from inside the tube train. The group of people on the platform continue talking. Morelle goes into the driver's carriage and hides as Bulldog Drummond and Ann get on the train. Morelle drives off, Drummond's foot is trapped in the train door. The hero dives through the window of the train as it drives off. He runs through the carriages and finds the others. He bangs on the driver's door but he keeps going. They eventually pull the emergency handle. The train hurtles through stations. Point of views along the tunnel. The hero tries to step onto a platform but the train is too fast. He climbs along the top of the train to stop the driver. He tries to climb into driver's cab, Morelle tries to push him out. Bulldog Drummond ticks off the stations on a poster as they hurtle towards the end of the line. He confronts Morelle with a gun. The train goes into sidings and they manage to stop the train just in time before it hits another.


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