Film: 8313

Road Transport | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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A cross between a public information film and a promotional film for General Motors. Despite being firmly located in the 1970s, there is interesting footage of airbags in their developmental infancy.
Opening sequence: A model of a flying saucer or UFO or Unidentified Flying Object flies into a galaxy of stars. Narrator introduces topic of film which will be the dangers posed to adults and children when they don't use their safety belt system. Cut to slow motion footage of a mock up car accident showing the likely impact on passengers by using dummies as a replacement. Very 1970s graphics in the shape of a television set inform that 30,000 killed in traffic accidents each year . The narrator introduces a series of interviews each of who have 'apparently' good reasons. Each viewpoint is addressed in turn and reasons given why there is no validity to the point being made. Since 1964 American car manufacturers have made the inclusion of front seat belts standard on all vehicles. At the time this film was made 4 out of 5 drivers still don't use seatbelts. The rear seat view of what happens when a car crashes and the driver and second front seat passenger are not wearing seatbelts. Footage of models being removed from the car . Cut to General Motors Proving Grand. General Motors has been at the forefront of the design and close observation of crash dummies. Since the 1950s test dummies have been used to examine crash reactions. General Motors , at the time of this being made, maintained 60 atmospheric test dummies to satisfy constant G M safety testing. Dummies come in all shapes and sizes, including large men, small women, children and infants. The Head neck, chest ,leg and pelvis are the primary areas of interest because they are most likely to suffer serious injury in a crash situation. In a frontal collision the primary impact of a vehicle takes place before you ( the unrestrained occupant) hits anything. The car is crushed immediately but everything in the car keeps on going until it hits something . Cut to various simulated crashes. Cut to child having seat belt put on in rear of car. Cut to very early airbag or air cushion restraint system. Shown in action with crash test dummies . Cut to automatic seat belts systems and restraint cushions. For the narrator , it holds much promise.

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