Film: 8317

Feature Comedy | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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In the style of the silent comedies: Buster Keaton drives on a trolley through Canada and has some strange adventures. No dialogue, only music and sound effects, and a lot of beautiful Canadian scenery.
The Big Ben. London. Buster Keaton reading a paper. An advertisement: See Canada now! --- A flood of images : Huskies with sledge, Eskimos, a cowboy, Indians, the mounted police, woodcutting, buffalos, elks. Buster, decidedly, throws the paper away and jumps from the bridge into the Thames. A sea shore. Buster walks out of the sea, looks around, then walks to a dilapidated mole (with an umbrella under his arm). A sign: 'Pacific Ocean'. Another sign: '3982 1/2 miles'; 'West'. He slowly walks along railroad tracks, approaches an electric trolley on the tracks. He looks around, then sits down in the chair, leans back. Suddenly the trolley starts moving. The owner comes --- too late. Buster racing along the tracks in the trolley. After a while he begins to enjoy the journey. He looks into a big red box on the trolley and takes out trousers, a coat and a hat and puts them on (apart from the trousers). He races on... over a junction (two cars nearly crash into the trolley), over a bridge. A village. Buster, racing along. A train in the opposite direction... Buster pulls at a whistle on the trolley , They drive past each other (the switches or points, lead them to the right resp. the left). Buster and the passing train. Buster takes out a telescope: Landscape, upside down. Buster drives past an old village. A strange noise of the trolley. Buster listens, then takes an oil can out of the box, tries to oil the wheels. The can is empty. He blows into it... drives on, in between plants. Over a long bridge. Some small explosive sounds, and the trolley stops on the bridge. Buster climbs out and works at the engine... not noticing that the bridge glides away (a revolving bridge) to make place for a ship. The ship passes, the bridge turns back again , at this very moment Buster has finished the repair and drives off. He passes a train, drives into a city, through a station (only his head visible from the platforms), through a tunnel. Past beautiful scenery in the sunset. Night . Next day. The trolley rolls on, in a city, and Buster takes bowl, water, towel out of the red box, washes and dries his face, combs his hair, puts on coat and hat, wipes his shoes. The national guard, a parade, at ...? Buster in the trolley, hearing the salutes. He starts to read the paper, driving on over bridges, through the city. Suddenly a loud and fast train drives past him, overtakes him. Buster on a track next to a road. Standing on the trolley and watching, he slowly passes a cafe. Hills and forest in the background. Buster prepares a sandwich on the rolling trolley. A huge bridge over a river. From above: Buster driving over it, watching right and left. Later Buster, always driving, yawns, takes a pillow and a blanket out of the box, lies down comfortably (?) and sleeps. Later. The trolley stands still. Buster wakes up, realizes he's not moving anymore, puts pillow and blanket back into the box, takes out a huge map... He drives on, hangs his washed clothes on a line on the trolley. In the fields. Buster stands up and watches out. Then takes out his map again (size: about 3 * 1.5 meters). The map is blown in his face, he struggles with it. A huge bridge. Three trolleys drive slowly over it. Buster, fighting with the map. The trolleys, driving the other direction over the bridge, in high speed. Buster, with the map, behind them. At a station, they jump of and carry their trolleys from the track. Buster throws the map away and drives past the station. A huge plain. Buster, having a nap (the trolley in high speed). Trolley and Buster, racing along. Explosive sounds. Buster stops the trolley and drinks a tea (elegantly). A buffalo. Buster sees him but takes no notice. It begins to rain. Buster covers his tea cup with the saucer, feels uncomfortable. He races on, cleans, while driving, the trolley with a broom and cloth. In the distance: Mountains with snowy tops. Buster puts a huge antique camera (with a black blanket) on a tripod on the trolley. Scenery . He drives into a tunnel and shoots the picture. Out of the tunnel over a bridge over a valley. It gets colder. He takes a huge fur coat out of the red box and puts it on. The mountains; the trolley. Buster starts knitting. Many views of the scenery. Leaving a tunnel. The tracks between lakes in the mountains. Into a tunnel. a train from the opposite direction. A loud crash in the tunnel Buster, unharmed, driving out of the tunnel. Flocks of geese. Buster takes out a gun. Aims. In vain. He tries to hide in the red box. Far too small. He stops the trolley and takes out an axe. The track, in the background forest. Slowly Buster rolls along, his trolley covered by branches as camouflage. He shoots... while driving into a tunnel. A loud explosion. Workers run out at the other end. Buster's trolley behind them. Over a bridge high above a river. Buster playing cards. Through the mountains. Into a tunnel. And out again... He is at a harbour. Wharves. Buster fries some eggs on his trolley, passes a train: Great Northern... Canadian Pacific Railway'. He makes an omelette, tries to turn it (by throwing it into the air), then starts to eat. He drives past a sign: 'Pacific Ocean'. Stops, drives back to the sign. He turns the trolley, walks to the sea and looks out. An Asian man, dressed like Buster Keaton in the beginning, walks out of the sea ashore. Signs: 'Atlantic Ocean - East - 3982 1/2 miles'. He sees the trolley, examines it... When Buster turns, the trolley is away. First he is surprised, but then he resigns and walks along the tracks back into the East.

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