Film: 8318

Railways | 1930 | Silent | B/W


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Purley to Victoria Southern Railway suburban line Victoria station, London to Brighton 1930's All the film is shot from Driver's eye point of view on the front of the train, past station, trains coming from the other direction, past signals, freight trains, expresses
The train moves at a leisurely pace along the track, there are small railway cottages to the left and right of the track, the train passes under a bridge, there are some leafless trees to the right, so this must be in autumn/winter although there is no snow, and the weather looks quite clement, the train moves swiftly past a railway station, under a bridge with a building atop it as it does so, after the station there is another bridge with a van going over it, there are small grassy banks on a slight incline either side of the tracks, there is one set of tracks for oncoming trains next the tracks that the train runs on, and another set of two tracks to the right of the camera, four sets of tracks in all, through another station with the odd person waiting, before moving out into the open again, the inclined banks have gone now and a sharp drop appears to the left of the camera, a new set of tracks veers off to the left of our tracks and we are now in the middle set of three tracks, we move under a bridge and all the other tracks end in buffers, however we move on through a station, out again past the station and we see some navvies working on the railway to the left to the camera, more bridges and signals, a steaming engine and train are approaching on the adjacent tracks ! Looks like a cargo train, no passengers on board, on we go, can see some two storey houses coming up on the right hand side, look very much like old tenement buildings actually, there's quite a long row of them.

"Purley to Victoria"
On the tracks again, a hill in the distance off to the right, with trees lining the top, coming into station, but we're not stopping, through the narrow station just two tracks, ours and the adjacent line, and we're out into the open again, another train passes us but its far to the right coming the opposite way, this one's a passenger train, looking to the left hand side it looks like we're going over a bridge there are houses below and to the left of the track, through another station and out under another bridge, under another bridge and I can see a pedestrian walking on the bridge above as we go under, there are now some very high walls to the left and right of the track with a high bank to the top of the walls and trees on the top of the banks, we are down in something of a valley now, we come out of the valley and under a bridge the track forks off in two directions, we take the left hand track and a station platform appears to our right, on the left is another set of tracks, we're not stopping however, and we steam past the platform, there are a mass of tracks before us, we approach a bridge and just going over the bridge is a bus or a tram, we go under the bridge and the track veers slightly to the left as it joins up with a new set of tracks that are slightly curving left and then straighten, we come into another station and there is another train coming in the opposite direction, this is going to be tight !, phew, missed us, on we go again, out of the station there passes another train but this one is on the other set of tracks and is nowhere near us, further on down the line I see a church spire off to the right in the town, past a long row of identical houses, we enter somewhere very industrial looking, with a huge water container directly to the right of the tracks, and two huge smoking funnels further to the right of the railway lines, we pull into Victoria, the station is very grand-looking with high ceiling and large supporting pillars to the left and right, station workers stand on the right hand side platform awaiting the train's arrival, we pull right up to the buffers, and we've stopped.

"The End" flashes up on the screen on a white template.

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