Film: 8319

Railways | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Railway with a heart of gold 1952. A light hearted account of the Talyllyn Railway as seen through the eyes of a visiting American Carson Davidson

'Shot on the Talyllyn by an American visitor in the early 1950s, it is a truly wonderful film, capturing all the joy and fun of the early days of preservation - as well as the pitfalls and the sometimes painful learning processes. Watch for the hand shunter! I wonder if he is still involved?

'What is so amazing is the quality, when British enthusiasts were making the best of handheld clockwork, 8mm monochrome technology of the sort that gave home movies a bad name, this transatlantic visitor is a miniature William Wyler. He deserves our gratitude, for he has produced a fine record of the start of preservation, absolutely unique, the reality behind the Titfield Thunderbolt, which itself was inspired by the early days of the Talyllyn.' (Chris Leigh).

Points of interest
american calls it a "caboose"

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