Film: 8327

Feature Comedy | 1910 | Silent | B/W


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Silent comedy with a pretty young girl who has to marry the big fat businessman 1910's

They go on the honeymoon via the Pullman; on board too are the rejected suitor, Oklahoma Pete, a gunman, a drunk and other odd characters. Windows are lowered, causing soup to fly, newspapers to wrap round people's faces, soot to cover everything and buckets of water to wash away passengers! A furious chase through the cars introduces the Sennett Bathing Belles and includes one very lively railway joke. The hero is being pursued by the villain and climbs out of the carriage window. He is about to be shot when he leaps on to a mail gantry alongside the track; seconds later he is scooped up by a hook on the mail van at the rear of the train and is back into the fray.
Once again the AT&SFRR provides locomotives, stock and track. Pullman car No 103 is the main location carriage used, along with a profusion of motive power, all supposed to be the same train. The departure is double-headed, then cuts twice to different single hauled shots outside Los Angeles, followed by two double-headed scenes and a final tunnel entrance with 4-4-0 locomotive emerging from the tunnel as 2-6-2.

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