Film: 8328

Railways | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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The Talyllyn railway in North Wales 1960's Slate mountains and remains of Welsh slate quarries. Derelict quarry. Derelict stone buildings, part of the slate quarry workings. The railway running towards camera with steam train steaming along it. Train steaming in countryside. Ariving at station. Engine pulling train into station. Talyllyn Railway. Dolgoch Station. Stationmaster fixing up sign 'Next train Abergynolwyn'. Engine and train in stain, medium shot with photographer crouching taking pictures of engine. People standing outside white picket railway fencing. Railway carries 130,000 passengers a year. The engine steaming, stationary in station. Guard blows whistle with his fingers cupped over it to make an interesting sound. Train starts off. Train passing slowly up a cutting. Two men use saw to cut wood in a trestle. Man washes down the red paintwork of the guard's van. Cleaning the carriages out. Different carriages - number 2 is over 100 years old and number 17 comes from the Corris Railway. Pendre Yards. Engineering works. Number two locomotive, built in 1866, and called dolgoch. Number 4 is 'Edward thomas' of the corris Railway built in 1921. Number 3 is Sir Haydn built in 1878. Man changes points. Reversing locomotive. Woman sitting on wooden bench indicates something out of shot to her very young son. She demonstrates pulling a whistle. The copper whistle. Cameraman in profile filming. The Narrow Gauge Railway Museum with exhibits from slate mines and their railways. People at station. Stationmaster blows whistle. Carriage doors close in close up. Guard holds out green flag. Whistle blows. Wheels start to turn and the train starts to steam out of towyn wharf inland. In a cutting. Pendre, opening a level crossing. Points moving. Train coming through station and level crossing. Mountains. Father and boy look out of window. Woman in her twenties sitting on train. Train receding into distance away from camera filmed along lines. Entering station, the train stops. Train emerging from square cut bridge. Passing a holiday caravan and camp site. Passengers and opensided carriages. Close up of a tape to tape tape recorder with rotating reels. Sound recordist with microphone held to the open window to record sounds of steam engine. Train rounding an S-bend. Opening the firebox, shovelling coal. Driver leaning out of the cab. Railway signalman in signal box no bigger than a small garden shed emerges and looks into distance. Train approaching round a bend. It slows down. Passing attractive river. View along engine, up track and through bridge hole. At Dolgoch station, a timetable. Children on platform. Railwayman tiptoes across rails to a sign reading 'Stream Cool Drinks. Ask at Office. Cool as a Mountain Stream' and takes a bottle of pop or orangeade. He walks back across rail tracks holding the pop. Woman and bearded man check railway timetable. They walk off, he putting his hand on her backside (or perhaps round her waist!). They follow a sign 'To the Falls' which is placed over a litter bin. The couple walk along a wooded path past a babbling brook. Waterfall with people obscuring the view. Train crosses viaduct. Out of train a view of the station of Dolgoch Falls as the station master walks past our viewpoint. View from low down outside locomotive as it and train slowly come to a halt. Door opens and woman jumps out of train as others prepare to get in at the next door. Taking on water. Crowds on the platform. Waving green flag, a burst of steam and the engine starts off. Journey through woods along side of valley. Close up of hand pulling the whistle chain. Train pulled by 'Sir Haydn' passes camera position in countryside, with driver standing in doorway. Train across the valley. Arriving at Abercynolwyn. Man takes a photograph. Lots of people on platform.
Resume - passing level crossing, shots of train in countryside and in station. Long shot of engine whistling as it pulls train of mixed carriages.

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