Film: 8329

Social History | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Amateur home movie from 1928 to 1933.
Title: The Southern railway servants' Orphanage at Woking. Founded in 1885 by the Railwaymen themselves.
Intertitle: Entirely supported by voluntary contributions.
Intertitle: The Orphanage Building. The grounds, works depot and staff residences.

Exterior frontage of main building. Pan left to lawn and grounds. Main entrance and steps seen from end of pergola covered avenue. Frontage of main building with tree in foreground. Pan right to lawn and grounds. Medium shot: slight pan right on works depot. General view of detached house in grounds beside driveway. Another similar house with bunting in foreground strung from stone finial of main gate pillar. Frontage of main building looking along gravel path from right hand side to entrance. pan left off building to shrubbery and trees in grounds.

Intertitle: 165 Children are being fed, clothed and educated at this orphanage.
Intertitle: 60 children from the S.E.C. and Brighton Sections have already been admitted.
Intertitle: Mr Farley's dog (Waterloo Bessie) who collects £500 each year for the orphanage.
Close shot Dark coloured retriever on a leash poses beside Mr Farley. The dog wears a special collar with a dozen medals hung on the front and a coin-collecting box on the back.

Intertitle: Assembling for the last church parade, January 8th, 1928, for consecration of the old banners which are now hung on the main staircase.
On gravel path outside main orphanage building the principal in wing collar, speech in hand, followed by wife walks past camera right; assembled guests wearing overcoats in background. Wide shot - in lane outside orphanage procession marches out of main gate from right to left in background an turns towards camera up and past left to right , Waterloo Bessie, flanked by two policemen, follows the parade leader. A brass band playing as they march are followed by a detachment from the fire brigade and the first of the large banners. Uniformed girls of the orphanage with their teachers precede the boys and the second large banner is followed by the teaching staff and a second group of bandsmen carrying their instruments. A group of invited guests walking behind a flag is followed by a military band wearing white sashes, not playing, marching behind a small banner. Local councillors wearing their chains of office are followed by some civilian musicians carrying their instruments. A small detachment of drummers and some cadets bringing up the rear. Reverse angle of above. As end of procession disappears down lane onlookers and public follow on behind.

Intertitle: The Laundry. 1800 pieces are dealt with each week.
Man and woman load up a rotary drum washing machine. She lets in the clutch of the overhead belt drive and sets a timer. Turning to another machine alongside, of slightly different design, she adds washing powder from a bucket. The first machine is stopped and the man assists her to remove the contents into a wooden trolley. Man rakes stoke holes of a vertical boiler hen adjusts some valve cocks on the adjoining pipe work.
Two women working a large mangle, also driven by overhead line shafting, one feeds clothes in from behind, the other takes them and folds them. Same to women ironing the pile of clothes produced by the mangle using electric irons.

Intertitle: Cleanliness is next to Godliness. The boys illustrate the maxim.
Boys and master in busy washroom, three-quarter back view row of dozen boys with shirts round their waists energetically using double sided sink fixture, first brushing teeth and then washing with flannels. Close up of boy vigorously applying flannel until transfixed by camera (seen through curtain of water jets which separate the sides of the washing fixture).

Intertitle: The boys and girls patronise and find recreation and instruction in the library.
Pan right on group of 15 girls in pinafores with a mistress, seated around table reading or playing draughts. One girl gets up to fetch a book. In background boys sit around two similar tables with a master.

Intertitle: The Hon. Auditors at work receive a visit from the medical officer.
Two men examining paperwork spread out on a desk stand and greet medical officer introduced to them by the principal.

Intertitle: Girls assist in the needlework room. All clothing is made in the home.
Around long table five girls sew while teacher uses sewing machine in foreground. Another teacher cuts out cloth in background.

Intertitle: Technical instruction in the carpenter's shop.
Eight boys at work in wood shop with their teacher. Nearest to camera is planing edge of a short piece seen through clamped chair frame in foreground. Boy screwing down lid of a box. Selection of woodworking tools in their racks.

Intertitle: The outfit with which each child is provided on leaving the orphanage.
Slow pan right across selection of men's clothing and a suitcase laid out for display in needlework room. Similar to above, ladies garments.

Intertitle: Mothers visit their children once every quarter, the railwaymen's M.P., the Rt. Hon. J.H. Thomas joins the New Year party for an after-tea talk.
Exterior; muddy drive, groups of ladies walking up and past camera left to right - approximately 30 in total. Interior: Mothers and their children wearing paper hats, seated at three long tables in busy hall laid out as dining room, principal and guests in background.
On the stage a man sits down to the applause of the other guests. They then all stand and the principal says a few words to the audience - unseen off camera right. The main guest says a few words while the principal beckons a boy to come up and meet the member of parliament who shakes his hand and talks to him.
Group of nine ladies seated on stage with four others standing behind - probably posing for a photograph. The principal tries to join them but is chased away by one of the women.

Intertitle: laying the foundation stone of the new hospital by Lady Walker
Foundation stone having been placed and levelled in wall is given a ceremonial tap by Lady Walker wearing a fox fur who then receives a bouquet from a very small child as a large gathering of guests look on in background.

Intertitle: Opening of the hospital by Mrs Orme
Entrance doors of the hospital are unlocked by Mrs Orme with assistance from official party to get the doors open. The principal in top hat and tails places the microphone stand for the speeches. A clergyman begins speaking as others open their programmes. Pan right off clergyman to man speaking at microphone. Slow pan right over large crowd gathered in front of hospital.

Intertitle: Girls Morris dancing
Troupe of a dozen girls dancing on sports field, flags decorating trees in background.

Intertitle: The Rt.Hon. J.H. Thomas, M.P. brings his grandson to the orphanage.
The Member of parliament holding the baby up for the camera.

Intertitle: The board 0f management and visitors
Series of nine posed shots of the above, mostly seated on deckchairs at the edge of the sports field.

Intertitle: The Southern Miniature railway, built and run for the benefit of the orphanage by Mr F Hutchinson
Intertitle: The Children's sports and tug-of-war. Mothers' races. Staff races and spot race for bandsmen.
Pan right with live model steam engine and trucks carrying eight children and one adult, driver sitting on tender waves to camera. Similar action but camera lower and nearer track, three mothers on board. View of sports field and crowds in background.
Wide travelling shot. camera on rear of train looking forward as train approaches end of its section of straight track.
Sports fields with ten lanes marked out on grass. Youngest boys then girls take part in sprint races towards camera, using half the distance of the track. Boys' then girls' three-legged races follow.
Full distance track with sports pavilion, two tents and spectators in background. Dozen older girls run towards camera, breaking tape in foreground, followed by a similar event for boys. Novelty relay for younger boys, wearing outsize boots and top hats is staged between three teams.
Using only half distance of track girls' egg and spoon race is followed by mothers then female staff sprint events. Boys playing instruments while walking in different directions around sports field. ( Bandsmens' Spot race ). Team of six boys in tug-of-war event, with much straining team nearest camera gains advantage. Back on running track an egg and spoon race is contested by eight members of the staff.

Intertitle: Presentation of Prizes
Lady on veranda of pavilion hands down prizes to a succession of small children, some of whom clamber up the step. Three boys then three girls followed by four boys, people in deckchairs applaud in background.

Intertitle: A pageant of Empire. Given by the children on Empire Day 1933.
In sports field Britannia, escorted by Elizabethan gentleman, flanked by troupes of Girl Guides and Boy Scouts walks up a carpet, laid on grass, right to left towards a dais where she ascends her throne. Two delegations passing in front of seated audience at edge of sports field, bunting hanging in background. Delegation representing Canada up and past left to right. Each delegation consists of a scout holding vertical name banner for each country, a boy and girl in national costume carrying produce followed by six scouts and/or cubs on one side and six guides and/or brownies on the other with respective troop leaders bringing up the rear. Delegation from India up and stop left to right. Delegation for New Zealand up and stop left to right. delegation for South Africa up to camera left to right. Delegation from Australia up to camera right to left, pan right to delegation for Central Africa up to camera and stop. Delegation for West Indies up to camera right to left.
Pan across ranks of delegations drawn up behind their banners facing Britannia on her throne surrounded by her escort as a band plays in background. Scout carrying banner of Canada and two delegates in national costume step forward and present gifts of produce to Britannia, placing them on the edge of the dais. They salute and return to their ranks. Delegations from South Africa and New Zealand carry out the same manoeuvre. Assembled produce stacked along front of dais. Clergyman on dais finishes prayers and backs away from microphone as scouts put their hats back on. Slight pan left. Five people standing in front of the dais including the principal and matron. Britannia and escorts as they leave the dais and form up for final parade. Pan left with delegations passing the camera right to left: Australia, Central Africa and West Indies are followed by four children in costumes representing England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Britannia, holding a trident, with her escorts is followed by New Zealand, South Africa and Canada.
The End.

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