Film: 8334

Railways | 1940 | Sound | B/W


The journey from Kings Cross to Waverley Station in Edinburgh, many views and scenery on route plus interesting scenes of the passengers 1940's

A pavement in alley way, (it could be King's Cross Station), sunlight falls between the buildings, a queue of people walk slowly, all the women are wearing hats and smart clothes, a number of service in uniform some carrying large kit bags on their shoulders. Many people on a platform, all very smartly dressed, a woman is pushing two bicycles, many are carrying large bags. A train is in the station, steam comes from the funnel and the side of the engine, a Porter puts a large suitcase onto a large wooden trolley, another Porter talks to a man with a push bike. Two trains slowly move off, close up of one of the trains. Another engine reverses. A Railway engine sits on a turntable a Railway Engineer attaches a vacuum pipe to it, a lever is pulled and the turntable starts moving, putting the engine into the correct position. A coal wagon is pulled up the side of a coal storage plant and the coal is emptied into it, a Railway engine put into position ready to be filled with coal, 500 tons is enough for 400 mile journey, the engine is then filled up with 5,000 gallons of water, the smoke box is emptied, several women in overalls clean the paint work. An engineer checks a rotating wheel for any faults. The engine is now ready to have its fire lit, the Fireman fills it up with coal, flames can be seen, the narrator says 'it takes a few hours for a full head of steam'. Another engineer taps a wheel listening for any changes in the sounds, he marks a note of any changes. The engineer checks the brakes and any necessary adjustments are made. The Driver and Fireman sign on for their shift, they check the schedule, they take oil lamps from the store room and get onto the engine. A carriage is washed by two men with large brooms, mechanical mops have removed some of the dirt. The wheels of the carriage are all checked for damage, inside women are cleaning the windows and vacuuming the chairs, the narrator says that 'smokers cause the greatest mess'. An Engineer checks each dynamo and batteries. The shunting engine is put into position and coupled up. The Express train moves into the platform one of the carriage has a sign it reads 'King's Cross and Edinburgh'. Men and women check the Departure Board, most wear hats and all are smartly dressed, a young girl picks up her bags, she is wearing a summer dress and sun hat. People are boarding the train, a Porter carries a large suitcase, Service men and women all carry cases walk along the platform. In an office a women is sitting in front of a microphone making announcements on the trains due to arrive and depart. Clock face on platform read 9:55.

The engine reverses ready to be coupled up to the train, a couple of train Spotters write down the numbers as the train passes. The side of a signal box building, inside two men can be seen one of them is pulling small levers, this is an automated signal box, the Signal man watches the progress of each train by watching an illuminated chart on the wall. People are boarding the train. A Porter waves a flag and the train starts moving out of the station, as it slowly moves a woman quickly opens the carriage door and gets onto the train. Inside the carriage people sit in their seats. Out of the window many houses go by, many have smoke coming from their chimneys. The journey goes into the countryside, cows can be seen, the train goes slowly over a viaduct.

The narrator is the driver of the train and he tells us that 'we are passing through Peterborough and I can recognize it blind fold because of the smell of the burning clay which makes the bricks'. The Fireman puts on more coal, he is smoking as he shovels in the coal, he then hoses down the coal 'this is to help it burn longer, it keeping the dust down stopping it getting into our eyes'. A train is standing in a platform, many people are boarding the train, another train is getting ready to move off, a Porter with a with whistle raises his arm indicating that the train is leaving, it takes time to move its heavy load. The train journey continues, the Train Driver talks about his duties and what he is looking out for, the train passing corn fields, two sets of signals, the next city comes into view it is Durham, the cathedral can be seen, the narrator says that, 'it’s the best way to view it'. A couple look out the window pointing out landmarks.

The train heads for Newcastle upon Tyne, it goes over the bridge (I think it’s the Tyne Bridge or maybe King Edward Bridge (R Jennings), the train slows as it goes through the station, the it starts speeding up back out into the beautiful country side. The train crosses over the border and makes its approach to Waverley station in Edinburgh. Beautiful old builds can be seen, the passengers collect their bags ready to alight from the train. The platform is very dark as the train pulls in, the narrator says 'the train is not exactly on time but near to the mark'. Many people are queuing to have their tickets clipped. Views of beautiful old buildings, trams, people crossing the roads, shops with awnings can be seen, I think this must be Princes Street. Another busy street with a man pushing a bicycle trying to cross the road he waits until a single decker bus goes passed. Many people are seen on a sunlight platform, a man pushes two bikes, two Porters push large wooden trolleys, a man in a bowler hat talks to the engine driver, three service men all carrying large filled kits bags walk along the platform, a train pulls out of the station. Sunlight fills the platform its now empty.

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