Film: 8335

Road Transport | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Stunning film about the last days of trams on the streets of Sheffield, Yorkshire. Buses, trams, streets, shops, people. Narrated by a tram driver and filmed almost entirely from the tram 1960's
Long point of view shot from view of the tram driver. Tram stop at Beauchet. Interior of the tram. Seats tuned around. Final tram day in 1960. Tram stops of Millhouses. Views of people in the park and playing cricket. Point of view (POV) along Bannerdale Road. Lit up tram for last week at night. Scenes on board. Loads of Sheffield street scenes. Highfields. Along a high street with shops on the Moor. A shop window display for Philips razors. Women window shopping and the exterior of Marks and Spencers shop. Moorhead. The new Bus Station. Travelling past the Town Hall. The new Castle Market. Past Norfolk Bridge towards Attercliffe. A POV along a road past shops. Traffic at Attercliffe Common. The Thomas T Ward factory. A broken up tram. Tinsley depot, end of the line. New buses to replace trams. The driver reports for duty as a new bus driver.

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