Film: 8345

Sport | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Nurburgring in Germany. Formula 1 Grand Prix motor racing 1950's

A sleepy village in Germany, with half timbered buildings with duvets airing out of the windows and donkey cart goes by. A Volkswagen Beetle car pulls up in front of a house and the people shake hands at the front door, they are here to stay during the race. Two farmers scythe a hay field. Workers stop for lunch from digging pipe trenches, ducks eat down the viewing terraces in preparation. Two lift a set of lights. A man fixes the fencing. The two scythers leave across the track. A view of the paddock. Two men fix fire extingishers to a stand. Cars on low loaders and trucks emptying on tyres arrive. The paddock is full. A ferrari is unloaded. A Maserati is unloaded. Shots of Stirling Moss and Alberto Escalli. Stirling with Coupe Bristol? . Practising the circuit in their touring cars. Back at the paddock, overview of trucks. The sign writers paint numbers on the cars. The crews test the engines. Mechanics checking things. Spark plugs are chnaged and body work is polished. A steward speaks on the track side telephone with central control. The track is over for practice. Cars are wheeled out. Number two Dr Farino ? Number Five Fangio. Escalli leads. Mike Hawthorne. Villaraisse Number four. The Men in the time keeping box with stop watches and records of times. Lots of shots of racing cars going around the 174 corners of the circuit. A plan of the circuit with animated route shown. Tyres are a problem, close up of tread and the treads are inspected. Practice ends and Fangio and Escalli are in the lead, the driver rest until the big day. A driver eats a banana. A girl gets out of a tent next to a big touring car, they are here to watch the race, she pats her face with a towel. Buses arrive though the small village. More traffic arrives. A volkswagen dormobile. Two men on a motor bike near a signpost for Bonn and Trier. A bike arrives at a bike park. The vendors get ready. Crowds at the turnstiles waiting to get in. VIP cars arrive include Emperor Akihito of Japan. A woman pulls a large microphone to her and speak, the loud speaker in seen she says Auchtung and announces the cars. The leaders line up on the grid. The cars mill around and line up. A sign saying "2 mins." is raised. The referee ? Mounts the starting tower. Recording men , maybe radio, get into position. "1 min." sign. Shot of the spectators. 30 seks. Mechanics leave the grid. A count down in German, a man waves a flag, they're off.

Cars whizz by, people watch, then run across to the next bend. Fangio and others, lots of shots. Peole take pictures, nice close up of a man with a large camera taking a moving picture. Boy looks into binoculars. More shots of cars and raring noise. Two men film with cine cameras. 83mph average for the first lap. Ascalli in the north curve. Lots of shots of the race, various corners. A mechanic holds up a sign saying," Asca Haw Fang Far". Some spectators eat lunch. Ascalli loses a wheel. Hawthorne leads. In the pit the wheel is replaced. More racing car shots. Two drivers swap cars.. Fangio has lost his exhaust pipe. Farino wins. Farino drinks from a bottle surrounded by camera men. He mounts a stage , a huge wreath is put around his head. The trucks in the paddock pack up for another year. The cars are packed away, the flags are taken down. A rubbish man picks up litter with a huge spike.
Duration 17 mins 30 secs.

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