Film: 8359

Railways | 1930 | Silent | B/W


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General repair on the railways with LMS 1930's.

Railway yard where trains receive maintenance and repairs. A railway worker in overalls is carrying a oil can and stops beside a train. He uses a gauge to measure wheels. He checks underneath the carriage with a torch. He tightens bolts. LMS paperwork, a docket titled Shopping Proposal.
View over a man’s shoulder as he sits at a desk. He is signing papers. Another man at a desk leafs through documents.

A woman is typing at her desk. View of the paper in the typewriter, as her fingers hits the keys.

Back at the rail yard a worker boards loco 5605. He squeezes into the furnace or firebox, holding a hammer and torch to do a maintenance inspection. He blows out his flame torch and squeezes out again. He climbs down the steps of the train.

Back in the office paperwork is passed between two desks. A man signs off on a job. A board shows the maintenance and repair schedule for trains. A “to do” board.

Back to loco 5605. A worker signals a crane to move into position. Bolts are undone and a wheel assembly is dismantled. All removed parts are kept together. A worker welds on the roof of the train before a crane lifts off a chimney stack. Group of workers jointly lift heavy wheel components in unison. View of crane operator at the controls. Hooks are attached to the loco and the engine is lifted off its wheels by the crane. It is stood on temporary stands while workers clean and repair the locomotive. Dismantled parts are tossed into large metal trays and the train is further stripped and broken down. A hopper of train parts is lowered by lift into a sea of steam. Possibly industrial cleaning. Wheels are checked. Metal components are tapped and measured.
Back to the crane operator and a hook being positioned under a chassis which is then moved into position. In a workshop, parts are fabricated and milled. Parts are stamped out of hot metal. Measurements are taken on newly machined parts. Fitting and turning machinery in use. New rivets are inserted into train body work. One worker lights his cigarette from the heat of a hot metal rod.

A clock face shows Tuesday 5.10. Supervisor blows a whistle and a chassis is rolled into place. The loco’s boiler is taken apart and reconditioned or serviced. More turning machines or lathes and pipes being cut into lengths. Boiler tubes are replaced and the unit is put back together. A crane manoeuvres the boiler back in place.
Clock now shows it is Thursday. A man in a trench coat looks at his pocket watch and puts it back into his waistcoat pocket. Men chisel and put bolts in place. Another glance at the pocket watch and a whistle is blown. Back to the crane operator who now lifts the refitted boiler and loco back onto its chassis. Leaf springs are being made in blacksmithing workshop. Wheels and axles are serviced. The locomotive continues to be put back together. It is now Friday and the supervisor is blowing his whistle again. The loco is reattached to its wheels or rolling chassis. All moving parts are checked. Wheel linkages in place. Chimney stack lowered into place. A week has now passed and a man writes ready in chalk on the engine. Sign writing on the engine is renewed. LMS 5605 is now completed and is rolled out of the yard, boarded by two drivers and heads out.

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