Film: 8361

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Ceylon or Sri Lanka in Asia. 1940s travelogue of the country.
Palm trees line the coast, rural hinterland and hills. A river and waterfall and cascades, nature scenes of Sri Lanka. Sigiriya Rock, ruins in the woodland at the rock’s base. A lake. Back at the rock, a group of locals. A man walks around the carvings at Sigiriya Rock, giant carving of a lion’s paw. View from beneath as a man climbs a steel ladder. Wall paintings at Sigiriya Rock, of semi-naked women. View from the top of the rock over the ruins of the city below.
View from a train of rural Sri Lanka. Local barges transport goods on water. Bales unloaded by hand at a canal side. People standing on a two hulled raft.
Tea plantation. Tea estate workers harvesting leaves and cleaning, processing produce. A large tea factory. Man walks along road with a bullock cart. Tea workers accommodation huts on a tea estate. Local village with mud hut constructed houses. A woman seated outside a house uses a potter’s wheel. A decorative pot and other items are made of clay. A person up a palm tree and climbing bare footed up the trunk. Woman making matting from palm fronds. Working in the rice paddy fields.
Elephants ridden by their mahouts trek single file through the jungle, carrying heavy loads. Elephant pushes tree trunk. Elephants bathing at the end of their working day. Some water buffalo also enter the water.
Kandy, view across lake. Temple of the Holy Tooth. Devil Dancers perform.
Kandy Perahera Buddhist festival. Crowds at the festival. Elaborate procession through the streets of Kandy led by gaily decorated elephants. Parade includes further elephants, dancers, drummers and religious figures. A man wields a whip in the parade. The procession returns to the Temple of the Tooth.
Car travels along coast road. Galle town. Stone walls and fort. Traffic enters the town through the arched wall. Inside the fortress ruins. Bullock carts in the streets. Street scenes, colonial buildings. Galle harbour and lighthouse. An old man sells carved trinkets to a western woman. Man sawing wood and making carvings of elephants as souvenirs. Sign for a REST HOUSE. Man sits at a table on the veranda of a Government Rest House. He settles his bill with the waiter and dons his pith hat and leaves. Car departing the Rest House.
The Sri Lanka jungle, most likely Yala National Park. Trek with locals. Birdlife. Intrepid travellers take a rest with locals during their jungle trek. Monkeys. Western man wipes his brow in the heat, while taking a rest. More macaque monkeys. A large snake on the ground. What looks very much like a young lion (trick film)! Next clip shows a leopard which settles on a rock. More trekking through the jungle. The safari group come upon a local tribe’s village and are welcomed. The chief, carrying his bow and arrows, shows the visitors around the village of thatched huts. The chief provides a demonstration of his archery skills. The visitors walk to a hide. From this vantage point they view elephants. A repeat of the previous leopard and monkey footage (audio tries to imply they saw this same footage from a different location). The tourists return to the village and hand out some food gifts to the tribe. They wave farewell to each other and trek off into the jungle once more.
Sri Lankan coast and fishing dhows. Locals fishing from boats. Repairing nets on shore. Building new boats from scooped out tree trunks. More fishing from a boat. Children on the beach. Sunset at the beach.
Colombo. Street scenes, many colonial buildings. A police man directs traffic. People, busy pedestrians, street stalls, markets. Hindu Temple. Colombo harbour.

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