Film: 8374

Railways | 1950 | Silent | Colour


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Ireland, County Donegal Irish Railways 1950's

Map of railway track. Steam train pulls into Strabane station. Passenger train follows, people look out of the window. Sign on a pillar reads "Northern Ireland H. M. Customs and Excise, Customs Boundary Post, Strabane". Inspectors look through passenger luggage laid out on a table on the platform. Trains leaving the station, signals change. A small railway car moves along the track with "Pheonix" written on the side. Passengers walk along the station platform and look at the camera. Cargo train leaves station. Donegal sign. A girl wanders along a platform on her own looking at a passing railway car. View of a lake next to the track with moored sailing boats. Men shovel coal into the train. Journey through Irish countryside, train passes over a bridge, passengers wave at the camera. Station guard shakes hands with the driver as the train passes Lough Eske. The train is red and white. People stand at a wall and wave at the train as it goes past.
Ballyshannon sign
Train drivers look out of the train and smile at the camera. Side of the train reads "Neenclass"
Close-up of young people hanging out of the train windows

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