Film: 8381

Aviation | 1940 | Silent | Colour


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Power Jets. Development of jets during World War Two 1940's

Set in Lutterworth, England. Shot of a medieval English church.
There is a drawing of Britain's first jet plane, the camera focuses mainly on the engine of the plane. Some men in RAF uniforms unload a wagon of bags, then are seen lining up to have a group photograph taken. The men are instructed in how the jet engine works, a man with baton points out the different parts of the jet engine. The RAF men look at the engine for real. We see inside the Whetstone factory where the jet engines are made and tested. A male factory worker cranks a level on one piece of equipment.

A plane is pushed backwards out of a hangar by several men who push the tail wing. A young man sits in the cockpit of the plane and we see the many dials inside. The plane is fuelled and the pilot puts his air mask on and prepares for take off,. There is a close p shot of the jet engine in the case on the wing of the plane, there follows a series of shots of the plane moving along the runway and then taking off. There is a shot of the plane in the sky, and then coming in to land. There follows another larger aircraft moving at speed along a runway and then taking off , flying from right to left of camera, the cabin of the aircraft is much larger and resembles what could be an early passenger aircraft, it is certainly more bulky than the previous plane, which was more than likely a fighter plane, or some kind of military aircraft, Frank Whittle gas turbine engine aircraft first trial in 1937. One of the planes is seen flying low over trees, it is on display the effectiveness pf the jet engine, and the plane looks impressive as it swoops low over the trees. Some men on the runway are manoeuvring the plane around on the tarmac and pushing it back toward the hangar, some men enter a building on the runway and dressed in suits and with handkerchiefs in breast pockets of their suits, they are presumably discussing the performance of the jet aircraft, they appear pleased with they way the aircraft has performed. We then move inside the Whetstone model shop, where a technician is seen in a white coat. We then see several shots of scale painted models of aircraft both inside the model room and on a roof outside where one is attached on a short pole.

Someone who looks like RAF top brass in a highly decorated jacket and cap, is led to one of the planes as it is being built and he inspects the aircraft as it is being constructed. The actual jet engine is activated and is seen shooting flames. Finally, we are at a kin of air show, where there are many well-to-do people, mainly ladies, sitting in what look like garden chairs, as a formation of planes shoots overhead, the formation is reminscent of wild geese in flight, in a 'v' shape. A military man stands to attention, filling the frame, he wears a long green duffel coat and green cap, looking proud. First flight of Gloster E28 of 1941. Stafford Cripps visits testing centre at Whetstone near Leicester, he meets Frank Whittle. We see a Meteor prototype. M-52 jet mock ups. There is a Jet aircraft at the Farnborough air show in 1950.

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