Film: 8387

Social History | 1930 | Silent | B/W + Colour


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Family amateur home movies from the 1930's (and some sections from 1950's).

Colour Boy in kilt in the heather. Beach with woman on it. Kilt wearing boy and girl with mother by whitewashed cottage. School sports, running, long jump, high jump (one foot height), crawling under a rope, bressing race, sack race and egg and spoon race. A speed boat that looks like a canoe.
B/w Amateur dramatic comedy and painting stage sets. Possibly pantomime. Mock drunkenness. Actors in costume backstage. Champagne glasses being held.. Colour Hockey match at IHU (probably a university). Possibly a tournament as there are at least three teams.
B/w Children in costumes in a garden doing a show.
1959 - colour United States, Los Angeles, Universal Studios, Hollywood. Hollywood Bowl. Cruise under the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California. Very quick cuts. More San Francisco. The Rocky mountains. Crossing the U.S.A. on a railway train. Niagara falls.
1930s - sections of couple and their car in b/w
colour 1950's - wedding with happy smiling couple and families at door of church. Cutting cake in marquee. Honeymoon in Spain? EC-ANZ aircraft taxiing. Toast on plate. Woman drinks tea from teacup off tray. Lying on airbed on sea.

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