Film: 8394

Royalty | 1950 | Sound | B/W


School children visit London for the coronation of Elizabeth II 1952

The children arrive for the coronation parade, walking in long lines before taking up position at the road side. Marching band passes the gathered crowds. Teacher hands out ice lollies to the kids. Children cheer and wave as the state coach passes. A lone road sweeper sweeps horse poo off the road. Kids now receive a boxed drink. Procession commences, Queen of Tonga in a carriage. Children now eating sandwiches. Household cavalry preceeds the coach carrying Queen Mother and Princess Margaret. Children chatter amongst themselves. Guardsmen marching. The Queen's carriage. Children cheer. One girl holds a sign for Beaufort House, West Kensington Westminster. Further footage of the Queen's coach passing. High level view of procession.

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