Film: 8403

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Sound | B/W


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Various slapstick film comedy extracts 1920's

Silent comedy at a theatre. Master of ceremonies presents a ladies fashion show. Close up of a couple in audience. Two girls stand on either side of entrance. Fashion parade as models walk through arch one by one. They wear very 1910’s / 1920’s high fashions with feathers.
Slapstick comedy behind the scenes at fashion show as dresser makes final adjustments to models clothes. Larry Semon has obviously had an argument with tailor. He kicks him through a curtain. The response is to kick back, but tailor kicks wrong man who careers off, knocking another man. All run and crash into a group standing near an indoor pond. People end up in water. Angry man storms back to argue, but Larry indicates it was not he who kicked him. Finger pointing and accusations fly. Man chases him through revolving wall, and loses Larry. Man sees Larry in distance and chases him, but an optical illusion means he runs into a mirror. Larry moves to help him up but is chased off. Larry hides in models’ dressing room. He disguises himself as a woman, with a dress and false wig. Two men look through curtain and have to apologise to Larry in drag. Men escort Larry and they stand. A black cleaner enters scene and accidentally feeds Larry’s skirt through a mangle, so that it comes off. Larry doesn’t notice, but women point, aghast. Chase and two men crash into one another.
Good gag where Larry swaps clothes with a dummy and stands stock still. Man adjusts pearl necklace round Larry’s neck and moves to lean on dummy, but Larry jumps out of he way and man crashes to floor. Chase goes into another room where five dummies are lined up, one of which is Larry in a wig. Man cannot tell which is which, and proceeds to knock dummies down with a big club. Larry makes dummy move in order to put man off the scent. First dummy is felled. Chase continues. Man knocks down four remaining dummies and then throws down club and dives at Larry who jumps away. Man falls into dummy. Larry fits dummy on to back of another man. CUT
Larry collecting boxes on a walkway at top of ladder. Man removes ladder and Larry steps off walkway and crashes to floor. Rather unsympathetically, manager picks up Larry and throws him onto piano which catapults man onto vase which crashes onto group of people. People get up and frantically wave their arms about. Man carries a ladder and props it up. Larry spots him and makes to chase hime. Man runs up ladder , climbs through window and jumps onto sidewalk and runs off. Larry does the same. Man ducks around a pillar and Larry loses him. Larry returns to shop and climbs through window. Man follows. Larry climbs onto ladder and lights cigarette. Man climbs through window after Larry. He pushes Larry and ladder over. Larry crashes into a stack of boxes which fall onto people below. Much dust and confusion. Man jeers from window entrance. A lorry backs up and reverses its load of wood through window, knocking man off ledge and into pond which soaks bystanders. CUT
Larry helps man to light pipe. Man carries a leaking can of gasoline and leaves. Larry looks to light his own cigarette. Mans feet as he carries leaking can along road. He reaches car and pours gasoline into it. Larry lights cigarette and throws away match. It lands in pool of gasoline and a trail of flame follows man to car which blows up. Man left holding remains of petrol can, and in blackened and torn clothes walks off through crater from explosion. CUT
Bedroom where large husband gets off armchair and walks to bed. He thinks a man is under the bed. His wife is on the bed. As Larry crawls out of the other side of the bed, man fires hand gun under bed. Larry disguises himself as a sitting chair. Husband and then wife both try to sit on chair which moves, so that they fall over. Man chases chair, chair moves sideways and man falls through hole in floor. He ends up in barrel of whitewash. Barrel splits open and men rush to his assistance. CUT
Another dressed as a chair gag. Man knocks on door of room. Chair walks towards door. Girl pretends to sit in ‘chair’ as big burly brute enters. Brute spots four feet at base of chair and lifts and presses down on arm of chair. Arm bounces back. Man fires gun at floor. Chair cover flies off and girl is left sitting on maps lap. CUT
Billy Bevan as a waiter walks up behind a waitress. She was sitting on the lap of Ben Turpin. Billie Bevan is surprised CUT
In a gymnasium, girls throw a large medicine ball around. Big girl falls over when ball is thrown to her. Ball is thrown, it knocks janitor over who performs good stunt falls on slippery floor. Seeking revenge, he runs across rooms with his broom. He tries to hit Monty Banks who ducks, and kicks man away. He falls over on same wet floor. CUT
Outdoors, Billie Bevan tries to remove a lobster or crayfish from man’s backside, he pulls it off, but man ends up bridging a pond to the ornament in the middle. Louise Fazenda in the gag ? Billie climbs on man’s back and reaches island to help him up. They are both stuck. Good gag where she fetches a plank to bridge the gap and gets it caught in trunks of trees. Eventually Billie, Louise and man end up in pond. CUT
Billie Bevan politely applauds as girl sits next to him. She points out he has a spot on his shirt front. He removes shirt front and jacket all-in-one and cleans spot off before putting front back on. Girl powders her nose at a table and Ben Turpin waves coyly to her. At first she appears annoyed, but he wins her over. She smells a rose and throws it to him. The cross-eyed Ben Turpin looks all around and at the camera. Very wealthy guest, wearing a sash wields a large curving sword and bursts a balloon in Ben’s face. He waves large knife about and slices table at which Ben is sitting in two. CUT
Scene in which woman reclines on couch and large man stands with his back to her. He is angry and walks to a closet door which he flings open. Small man is hiding inside. He is ordered out. Two men stand side by side. Big man walks to door and bolts it. He takes axe and nails from inside his jacket and bangs a couple of nails in to door to close t. Small man is locked in room. This looks very daunting as we assume he about to be beaten up. Man buries axe in door frame and takes his jacket off. Man pulls large knife from jacket and tests edge for sharpness with his thumb. Billie Bevan stands against wall and is a knife thrower’s assistant. Several knives pepper area round his body. Slapstick scene of knife sharpening and attempt to stab Billy in the guts. Man runs round room chasing Billy and digging knife into wall just after Billie has left. Billie Bevan bounces off very flexible wall, crashes through another and into arms of angry knife-wielding man, who motions cutting his throat. Wife grab’s his arm and Billie escapes. Runs through external door into dusty street. Chase scene. Billie overtakes cop on motorbike and dog chasing a rabbit, he is running so quickly. CUT
Billie Bevan is a barber and he has a customer in a chair waiting to be shaved. Customer wears top hat and smokes a cigarette. Billie removes cigarette and prepares to lather man’s face. Man puts a cigar in his mouth. Billie removes this too. Man takes a small pipe from his pocket and smokes this. Billie whips it out. Whilst Billie isn’t looking man puts large and very smoky pipe in his mouth. Billie removes this and lathers man’s face. Man’s hat falls off, but in a continuity gaff the hat is back on his head in the next shot. Whilst Billie’s back is turned man looks in hand held mirror, and starts to shave himself. Billie annoyed. A dog is tied to the barber chair. It spies a cat and gives chase. Mad chase scene with cat, dog, man in chair and barber running down street. They overtake a tram. At water chair stops and man is thrown into water. Billie wheels chair away. CUT
Car and tram drive very close to one another. Car nios in front of tram, slips and slides on wet road and crashes in reverse into a brick wall. Man hand cranks starts car. Car drives off and bits proceed to fall off car. It has a warped and wobbly wheel. CUT
A frantic Keystone cops car chase. By a chute from building three cars pull up in quick succession. Cops tumble into cars and cars drive off. A civilian fails to get into each car and falls over three times. Cars leave station and turn a sharp corner. Police cars ford a stream and cops fall out. Cars drive on road. Cars crash through wall and knock woman (male stunt actor) who is pegging out her washing round and round washing line. Car is forced backwards by jet of water from fire hydrant. Car narrowly avoids being hit by train. Cars pursue man who jumps over three cars in quick succession. Cars dive through walls and end up in pond

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