Film: 8406

Entertainment + Leisure | 1920 | Sound | B/W


Theatre and stage production and stars in the 1920's.

Julian Wyley, designs costumes for stage. Harry Lauder plays golf in Scotland. Sydney Fairbrother. Mathison Lange reads his script. Ellen Terry and George Bernard Shaw, Willie Moon and dovetail dove. Scenery set, miniature model of a stage set, painting the scenery. Selecting chorus girls. Revolving set at the Aldwych Theatre. Tom Walls, Graf Lyn, Ivan Arnau in performance. Charles Peacock interviews chorus girls. Pantomime, Clarence Mayne in performance. The Dolly Sisters dance. Knob and Knocks sketch with coffee stand. Lesley Tracy as a masseur. Girls work out. Billy and Renee Huston. Jose Collins acts. Violet Lorraine and Lesley Henson charity show for World War One wounded. Billy Bennet goes for a drink. George Robey as a football player. Theatrical garden party with Jack Payne and Elena Pickard, Cedric Handerick, Harold Huffer. Gabriel Brew, Tallulah Bankhead. Cricket match with J. B. Priestley and Gladys Cooper, John Drinkwater. Dancers at seaside. Billy Merson and Gertie Lawrence in a hammock. Sybil Thorndike and George Bernard Shaw with statue of self. Harry Tate plays golf. Hats in pond. Charles Laughton makes-up in dressing room. Theatre audience takes seats. Lights, stage manager, conductor. George Drewsmith performs. 'Lyrical Hussein' with Henry Anley in performance. 'Trilby' with Lyn Harding in performance and Jane Walls and Ralph Lyn in bed jokes. Joan Gerrard handcuffed to girl. Gracie Fields on stage. Will Hay. Billy Merson and Nellie Wallace do a comic acrobatics act. Beatrice Lilley on skates.
(Britain 1920-1930)
'Rookey Nook' (Aldwych farce), 1926.
Ralph Lynn, Tom walls, Robertson Hare. 'Babes in the Wood' 1921 Dolly Sisters. 'Rose Marie' 1925 Drury Lane. 'S.O.S.' 1928 Gracie Fields. 'Princess Charming' Palace 1928. 'Hassan' 1923. His Majesties Theatre. Heny Ainley.
( Up to the cricket match see film number 004302)

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