Film: 8407

Music | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Includes footage of Boston Symphony Orchestra, the New York Metropolitan Opera House, Benny Goodman, George Gershwin, Perry Como. 1940's

Posters on street, Marion Anderson amongst others. Marion Anderson, black female singer, singing in studio. Marion Anderson singing devotional religious themed song. Poster advertising Guilot Quartet, who are Daniel Guilot, Frank Brieff, Jac Gorodetsky and Lucien Laporte. Quartet playing chamber music possibly Schumann in drawing room setting. Violinist and cellist close up. Other two violinists close-up. Cellist close-up. Quartet finish, sound of clapping. Programmes laid out flat, including those of the Philadelphia Orchestra, the Boston Symphony Orchestra and Chicago Symphony Orchestra, soundtrack saying over 200 US communities support a symphony orchestra. Notice for Boston Symphony Orchestra- rehearsal call for Schederazade. All of orchestra in auditorium. Conductor Dr. Serge Kasovitsky, preparing to conduct amidst orchestra. Dr Kosovitsky (staged) repeatedly starts and stops until he is satisfied with playing. Orchestra playing with Dr Kasovitsky in centre. Whole orchestra playing . Night time crowd city scene, possibly New York. Outside the Metropolitan Opera House . Opera goers climbing stairs in theatre. Well dressed men and women at the opera. Men and women entering boxes, called Diamond Horseshoe, due to wealth and jewels of the patrons. View of Patrons in boxes. Two men in recording suite. Close up of man pressing buttons. Footage of New York Metropolitan company performing. Close up (ish) of cast, soundtrack says music of all kinds is no longer the diversion of the few. Over view of cast. Cast on stage. Shot of cast. Man in pit directing or conducting. Cast on stage. Cast from above. People in stalls watching. Stalls in theatre. Possibly Aida being performed. People in stalls clapping. Crowd or audience applauding.

Cut in film.
Orchestra playing in concert hall. Conductor and pianist. Audience. Conductor and pianist. Close up of piano keys. Whole orchestra playing. Schoolgirl playing cello, commentary saying growing interest in music as a result of increasing numbers in school orchestras. School orchestra playing. Schoolchildren in orchestra playing violins. Group of children playing recorders accompanied by piano. Two boys and a girl playing recorders. Odd cut to jazz band playing. Intertitle - 'No less devoted than the jazz addicts are the many thousands of Americans who prefer more serious music.' Crowd of people outside concert hall. Carnegie Hall poster board with posters for Yehudi Menuhin amongst others. Arthur Rubinstein on poster. Poster for Beethoven recitals. Poster for Rachmaninoff recital, soundtrack saying during World War II, huge popularity amongst servicemen for classical music. Concert by servicemen, entitled music from Monmouth. Serviceman plays piano. Close-up of fingers playing piano. Conductor and pianist, pianist finishes, shakes hands with conductor. Crowd of servicemen watching, applaud. Crowd applauding.

Break in film

Group of students outside school. Students on bicycles. Exterior or front of music shop. Crowded interior of shop, full of young people looking at records. Record player in corner, two girls listening nodding in time. Close up of two girls, one does not like record given to her and the other girl laughs and smiles. Tin Pan Alley, people walking down street. Sign of Irving Berlin Inc. Sign of Remick Music corporation music publishers M. Witmark and sons. Sign of Robbins music Corporation. Sign of Harms. Inc Music Publishers, advanced Music Corporation. Building with every window displaying a different company (Brill Building ?). Men in shirt sleeves sit around paper strewn table. Man playing piano in offices. Man working on song. Draft of score- entitled "Swing it baby". Two men, one sitting behind desk with paper, the other standing behind. Score to "Now". Songwriter playing song for publisher, who doesn't look too enthusiastic. Publisher says he'll take song up to committee but can't promise anything. The songwriter looks astounded at his indecision and sings more of the tune. Publisher and song plugger meet, song pluggers job to get song in use by film or singing star- like Perry Como, the soundtrack adds. Song plugger tries to interest Perry Como. Perry Como asks to sing a few bars. Score of "now". Perry Como and accompanist. Recording studio. Backing orchestra play in recording studio. Perry Como sings song. Crowd applaud. Outside of a dance hall building. Couples dancing soundtrack saying songs popularity increased by use of play through dance band orchestras. Couples dancing in front of band. Saxophonist in band. Sign of CBS radio theatre No3 stage entrance. Radio's Hit Parade being recorded. Sheet of Variety magazine showing the 10 best sheet sellers. Woman singing with band. Audience. Sheets of music. George Gershwin playing with musicians. George Gershwin finishes playing and takes applause. Sign for "Benny Goodman Orchestra- Autumn ice show, Terrace Room, The New Yorker". Benny Goodman's orchestra playing, people dancing. Benny Goodman playing. People dancing. Man conducts band. 3 saxophonists. More brass instrument players. People dancing.

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