Film: 8408

Aviation | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Concorde aircraft promotional film 1970's

On board in flight. Meals. Passengers. Arrival in USA at Dulles airport. Passengers, including an Arab, leave in Cadillac limousines.

View inside Concorde’s cabin looking down the aisle, various passengers are sat down and there is a steward in a blue suit in the aisle. Close up of the nose wheel being towed. View of Concorde’s nose, a truck is seen below reversing the plane to the right, there are two more Concordes parked behind on the tarmac, all with British Airways liveries, and with various airport vehicles around them, the camera zooms in on the cockpit as the plane moves away. Nose-on view of Concorde being moved backwards, the narrator explains the plane is about to depart. Various other nose-on shots of Concorde being moved backwards as the narrator describes some of the design features of the aircraft, a 747 can be seen in the background. View inside the cockpit, the pilots and flight engineer are performing pre-flight checks. Close up of the nose, it moves downwards as the narrator explains this improves stability at take-off and landing. Wide side-on shot of Concorde taxiing down the runway. Two sweeping shots of Concorde in flight. Sweeping shot following Concorde as it takes off to the right. A woman adjusts her glasses while looking out of a side window. Close up of a man looking out of a window. Shot from behind Concorde as it ascends. Close up of the same woman looking out of the window. Clouds moving past the screen (View out of window). Concorde flying over sea seen from above. Three men looking out of the windows, two white men in suits and an Arabic man in white robes. Side-on view of Concorde flying above clouds, the narrator explains Concorde is currently flying at 650 mph. Close up of a steward in a blue suit pouring champagne into two glasses on a tray, he then bends down and places a glass on a table in front of a man in a suit reading a newspaper. The steward gives a glass of champagne to an older man in a suit reading a newspaper. A man in a patterned shirt drinks some champagne. The woman from earlier drinks some champagne, then looks out of the window. Wide shot of Concorde flying over the coast. Close up of the pilot, he talks to the passengers “Hello this is your captain speaking….”, and explains the plain is flying over the English coast. Graphic showing Concorde’s flight plan, it leads west out of London and over the Atlantic, Bristol, Amsterdam and Paris are also marked on the map, and a large image of Concorde shows the current position. The image of Concorde moves along its flight path while the pilot explains where Concorde will accelerate to supersonic speed. Larger map which shows the Atlantic (labelled), with Concorde’s flight path overlaid, Newfoundland and Lisbon are also marked, the Concorde image moves along the path. Map of America’s East coast, the flight path ends at “Dulles Airport Washington”, Boston, New York, Cleveland and Philadelphia are also marked, the Concorde image moves towards Washington as the pilot explains the total distance is 3778 miles and a flight time of 3:30 (film cuts so last number is unknown). Wide side shot of Concorde flying. View of the three male passengers again, they are no longer looking out of the window. Close up of the woman with glasses again. Man in the patterned shirt reads a newspaper. Close up of a digital speedometer labelled “British airways Concorde” and reading M 0.96 (Mach 0.96), this changes to M 0.97 as the narrator explains that the plane is about to break the sound barrier. Close up of two of the tree men talking to each other while drinking Champagne. Close up of another man looking down. Close up of the speedometer again; it changes from 0.99 to 1.00, the narrator talks about how smooth the transition is. The woman with glasses is reading a magazine with her glasses on her head. Two men in shirts and ties are reading newspapers; a woman is sat behind them. A man is sat holding a calculator and showing it to a woman next to him. The man in the patterned shirt, Bob Hoffmeyer, is holding his champagne while stood need to the speedometer, reading M 1.05. Close up of a stewardess taking a picture using a camera with a flash, facing the camera, the narrator explains Bob is having a picture taken for the family album. A man in a suit is speaking into a Dictaphone, while writing a document on his lap, a briefcase is open on the other seat, and the narrator explains Concorde can be a “supersonic office”. The woman with glasses places on a large pair of headphones, the narrator explains they can be used to listen to 5 music channels. Close up of a sign reading “For your entertainment in flight, Supersonic Stereo”. Various wide shot of Concorde in flight, the narrator talks about how smooth the flight is, and various other “sales pitch” style descriptions of the flight. Close up of two men in suits eating in-flights meals on trays. A stewardess pours Bob a glass of wine, whiles the narrator talks about the various meal and drink choices. The stewardess serves another meal to a passenger. Close up of the meal on the tray, the shot zooms out to show the woman in glasses eating. Close of the speedometer, it reads “M 2.00”, as the captain tells us the plane is flying at 1350 mph. Further shots of various passengers listening to the captain. More views of Concorde from outside, the narrator explains the plane is travelling over Nova Scotia. View looking down inside the cabin, the camera follows a waitress as she pours drinks to passengers; the narrator explains they serve various expensive foods such as caviar & camembert on Concorde. Shots focussing on various passengers, the narrator explains how they have left cities from around the world only a few hours ago. View inside the cockpit, the flight engineer is reading a manual. Close up of the pilot reducing the engine power, as the plane begins it’s decent. Close up of the speedometer, it slows down below mach 1. Wide view of Dulles Airport, the camera zooms in on the ATC Tower. Close up inside the tower, a man in sunglasses close to the camera looks through binoculars, and the picks up a phone, while a man behind him is talking into a radio, giving Concorde permission to land. View of the controllers from behind, one is looking through binoculars again. Face-on close up of the man looking through binoculars. Face-on view of Concorde landing, the camera zooms in on the cockpit. Wide view of Concorde touching down and landing, as the narrator tells us it’s twice as fast as a normal flight. Wide view of Concorde taxiing in front of the Dulles terminal. Two workers walk along as Concorde taxis towards the camera. A “mobile lounge”, similar to a bus but on a raised suspension, drives towards Concorde. The mobile lounge is attached to Concorde’s door. Various shots of passengers leaving the plane, being bid farewell by two male flight attendants. Close up of the passengers sitting in the mobile lounge. The lounge drives away from Concorde. Various shots of passengers talking in the lounge, the narrator tells us all the passengers agreed the flight was relaxing and comfortable. A worker in a red shirt lifts luggage out of the hold and places them onto a conveyor belt below the aircraft. Three workers place the luggage into a trailer, and close the sides. A blue pickup truck drives two trailers of luggage away from Concorde. The mobile lounge drives towards the terminal. Passengers leave the lounge and are bid farewell by a British Airways attendant; an announcement of the flight landing can be heard. The passengers walk down a ramp in the terminal, while a sign reading “Welcome to the USA” in English, French, Spanish and German is above them. A map image of the USA lights up with multiple cities, the narrator explains connecting flights from Dulles have these destinations. One of the passengers is talking to a United Air Lines check in worker, who is stood in front of a departure board, they discuss the Concorde flight and the passenger books a connecting flight to Kansas City. A driver in a black suit and a BA attendant ushers 3 male passengers into a black limo in front of the airport terminal. The woman in glasses, Marie L’Claire is led into another limo by a driver. The limo drives away. View of trees going past the limo window. Close up of the three passengers in the car, Berndt Ulrick, Abdul Radwan and Bob Hoffmeyer. Another view looking out of the limo, the narrator describes it as “rolling Virginian countryside”. Head-on shot of the limo driving along the road. Close up of the driver at the wheel. Wide shot of the limo driving pas the camera, the camera follows the limo before stopping to show the Washington Monument on the other side of the Potomac River. The limo pulls up by other cars in front of the Washington National Airport terminal. Abdul gets out of the limo and talks to the driver. The driver opens the boot of the car while Abdul talks to a porter. Close up of Berndt talking to the porter. The porter moves Berndt’s luggage on a trolley away from the camera while he walks beside. The driver closes the boot, and bob shakes his hand. Close up of the driver’s face. The driver hands Bob his luggage; the camera zooms in on it to show a “Concorde” luggage tag. Camera attached to the underside of Concorde shows takeoff. A wide shot of Concorde cruising above the clouds is overlaid by a translucent map of the world, the narrator lists some of the destinations Concorde will be flying to soon, and the routes are outlined on the map, the map fades away and the narrator ends with “the Atlantic is already only 4 hours wide”. Credits appear overlaid on a head-on shot of Concorde flying above the clouds.

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