Film: 8409

War + Military | 1930 | Sound | B/W


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World War Two overview 1940's

Lambeth Walk, barrage balloons, gas masks, Mitchell Spitfires. Chamberlain goes to Germany ( Long speech ) meets Hitler, Roosevelt. Austrian barriers removed, Austrian parliament, park bandstand, cricket in the park. Factory making gas masks. War in China (Shanghai) by Japan. Spanish Civil War, train journey, composite plane, Juliana's daughter. State visit to Paris, gas mask and practice. A.R.P. Robert Wilton - fire brigade. Cruising to Norway, Venice. Nazi gunboat, seaside and freak show stand. Train - restaurant car. Bagodesberg. Wine harvest in Germany. Chamberlain returns. Czechoslovakian army, digging the parks, barrage balloons, kids in gas masks including babies, French conscript, British Navy, Munich conference. In the pub.

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