Film: 8410

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Stockholm Sweden 1940's

All aspects of the city, transport, work, industry. People in heat then storm. A church. Children playing in the streets. Pageantry. Fishing nets off boats. City at night.

This atmospheric film, with music and sound effects, but no commentary, describes the life, during one day, of citizens of Stockholm as they go about their everyday business at work or play.

A street scene introduces the film. A narrow street with shops finally rests upon a window through which gazes a little boy in his pyjamas and his older brother behind him holding a football. They push open the window to give a view of the scene outside. Seagulls wheel over the harbour. Cars drive along the road. There is a lighthouse and the morning mist hangs over a church steeple.

Back in the street a woman hurries over the cobbles, dodging the traffic. Trucks pass by and a bus. Many people are travelling to work by bicycle. There are tramlines on the road. A woman waits to cross. A policeman’s gloved hand is raised at the traffic and cars screech to a halt. There is a man driving an open-topped car and a Jew walks by wearing a little cap on his head. Pedestrians cross the road.

Above street level, there are office window through which a typist can be seen at work. Machinery wheels turn in the mechanical process of manufacture.

In the street a couple watches and turn their heads as the sound is heard of a police car or ambulance. A woman in a café window sips a cocktail from a long glass.

On a building site buckets are hauled up. A man turns his head towards modern buildings. He walks slowly. It is 11.20 on the clock. He looks, wonders. Water pours down a window.
As the music gains momentum, he raises his hand to the window. The rain pauses and he walks outside through a group of statues. He sits, rubs his eyes. People are feeling uncomfortable. He puts his hands on his head. Another man rubs his head with his hands and loosens his collar. Is thunder coming? A cigarette falls to the ground beside a foot wearing a worn shoe with a hole in the sole. People look up to the sky. Clouds scud by. There is thunder and rain. Umbrellas go up. A miserable looking horse with a cart stands in the street. Rain pours out of gutters. The two boys play marbles on the ground among people’s feet. The man turns to shelter in a shop doorway. The boys watch then gather up their marbles. A woman steps into the rain then quickly steps back again and puts up her umbrella. A girl ina striped dress glances at the young man. He looks back but she has looked shyly away. She looks again, but he is not looking this time. They don’t speak.

A wheel is on its side. The rain still comes. There is no music now. The boy with the football hopes the rain is stopping. He and his little brother on reins venture out and he bounces his ball in a puddle.

The girl in the striped dress thinks the rain s over and steps out, but catches her net with the emptly bottles in the jacket of the young man. He untangles it and she goes on her way, but he follows and carries the bag for her.

There is sunshine in the street now. I tiny boat shoots down the rapids of the flooded gutter and arrives at the drain, with a child in pursuit. The boy with the football pauses to help, but another boy, seeing the football under his arm, punches it from behind and chases it down the street. A little dog watches. Older boys play with the football. They run up a street, passing a man who drinks from a bottle. A young couple chat in the street as the boys nearly knock down a woman coming in the opposite direction. One boy hides with the football in a shop entrance as the others run by. An older man with a stick watches as the boys run past. The clock says 3.45.

A big studded door closes and the boys are inside a large church or cathedral. The verger is giving out hymnbooks. The boys gaze in awe at the magnificent arches and pillars. The organ plays. The bigger boy points to something high up; the little toddler pulls at an iron ring on the floor – and his bag of marbles falls to the floor and the marbles roll. The startled verger wonders what is going on as the boys dive for the marbles. He goes over to have a look. The older boys are worried as he approaches. Are they going to get into trouble? As the stern-faced verger arrives, the sight of the filthy faced toddler softens his look and his face breaks into a smile as he bends to help pick up the runaway marbles.

A fanfare of bugles announces the arrival of a mounted parade outside. Below, in the harbour, a fisherman starts to pull in his catch. From the harbour wall a small crowd gathers. There is the girl in the striped dress again with her bag of bottles. Fishermen mend their nets below. A net is drawn up containing three or four large fish. An artist is painting the scene. Noticing he is being painted, the fisherman loses concentration to brush his hair and then comb his moustache; his net slips in again and the fish swim away.

Gulls perch on a motorboat and a train passes in front of crow-stepped buildings. A boy is fishing with a line from the harbour wall. He catches three fish. The other boy waylays him on his way home and swaps the fish for some pebbles. He then decides to do some fishing too. He puts the three fish down on the harbour wall and casts his line. Down comes a seagull and takes the fish. The boy is surprised. Where have my fish gone? The gull flies away and his cawing sounds like laughter. The boy laughs too. He throws his line in again and sees a package under the water PACOAST Californian Pacific Coast Fruit Distribution.

It is nightfall now. The harbour lights are on. The fisherman, tattoos and moustache, greets the boy and tells his about the HUGE fish he has caught today. There are lights in the trees, people in evening dress walk by. A blind man has dropped his stick. The boy reaches for it and hands it to him. The man ,a fiddler, plays sweet music as the fisherman and the boy go along beside the lights twinkling in the water.

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