Film: 8422

Canals + Waterways | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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Nat Bircham reminisces about how the Norfolk Broads used to be, and how they have changed 1960's

A boat on the river next to various trees, flat grass and a tall mound of earth. A photograph of the view from the top of a river boat with a man standing at the front, looking onwards at the river, and a field to the right with a windmill; credits and title superimposed. An old man standing in front of a wall. A photo of a sail boat on a river, plants by the side. A painting of a similar area of river, a sail boat in front of a stone bridge. A photo of a stone building by a small bank with sail boats there, trees to the side.

Wroxham town centre; a Lloyds bank to the left, cars, pedestrians, a speed limit sign. Cars driving over the bridge from the painting; pan down and left to show reflections on the river. Pan across from the shimmering water, past a river boat, to cars and people going across the bridge. Wroxham town centre road; a bus on the left, people getting off it. Inside a bar or a restaurant. Outside a building: "Roy's"; an arch over the top, large pillars at the ends of the walls; pan right to show a long building with "Roy's" signs all the way down.

A river, reflections on its surface; right at the end, a tall, white column, which is reflected. A boat house by the river, boats on it. Birds - geese? - on the grassy bank, as seen from a boat going past. A sail boat on the river. A sail boat moving down the river, seen from something by its side moving along at the same speed; the long field to its side. Lots of boats on the wide river, or possibly on a lake. A small sail boat moving towards trees at the bank; pan right, down the river, to show a river boat behind. Seen from a boat, a church on the side, behind trees.

A row of rural houses, by a road. A small boat sails down the river. A narrow stretch of river, seen from the front of a boat, many trees either side. A waterwheel moving around. A large building either at the side of, or over, a river. A wheel moving around as part of the machinery. A sack being lifted through a wooden hatch. Machinery; a man throwing sacks onto a pile. Grain falling into machinery. Ducks swimming on a river; houses and huts on the opposite side of the river from the camera. A man sitting fishing by white water that comes out from under a building. A photo of the building, a sail boat on the river, white water from underneath; suddenly zoom in.

The same building, the top half of it destroyed or in ruins, having caught fire; water still flowing underneath. Close-up on one area, holes in the wood. The top of the ruined building. Pan up from the river to the ruins. The frame of part of the building. Frame. The top, seen from underneath. The view through a window. White water rushing past a mud bank. Debris floating in the river. The ruined building.

The building, before ruin. Trees on the left side of the river, from a moving boat; turn right to the view at the front. A river boat moving along a stretch of the river full with boats at the side for a regatta. It goes past a building at the side with many people at chairs and tables sitting on the lawn outside. Many sailing boats on the river. The people on the lawn. Sailing boats. As seen from the side. More sail boats. The river crowded with them.

A wide stretch of river, or possibly a lake; scattered sail boats. A photo of a man in suit and hat, a trophy just visible at the bottom right: caption "Billy Hewitt". A photo of a large sailing boat on the river. Another photo. The top of a trophy. Photograph of Hewitt holding a trophy. Another photo of the boat. A very large river boat steaming along past the crops on the bank. A wide area of river, crops on the scattered land. Wide river, seen from the side of the boat. A wide stretch of water, forest at the side. A sailing boat on the wide river. Black birds flying over a wide stretch of water.

A small river boat at the left side; plants and crops on the bank. From the front right of the boat, the right hand side of the river and the edge of the bank. Wide river; plants on bank; pan right to the lots of plants on the right bank. An old stone church. Plants above the beach that goes down to the sea; pan right to show two groups of people on the beach. The mast of a ship. A sign on a ship: "Albion", below a pole and cogs. The front of the ship. Its side; people on it; a small rowing boat at the front. The mast with a flag on it. The back of the boat, the sign on it; people sitting on its left. A swan swimming on the water. The front of the ship as it sails along. A large sail ship on the river, people sitting on its right.

The side of a ship as it sits by the bank. The mast and flag. The sail being lifted up the mast. The front of the boat as it moves along the river, as seen from the side moving along with it. The sail waving in the wind. Plants and crops on the left bank, a horse seen, more animals to the right; a sign; a house, and a fence; trees. Expanse of water; forest on the far bank. A narrow stretch of river, reeds floating on the surface, trees either side. A long flag on the side of the mast. A hut, a car, grass, occasional mounds, two people walking at the right hand side.

At the far side of a large area of water, a factory. The factory, from closer in; smoke blowing out. A wall surrounding, by the river. The wall, from further out; pan along it to the right. The factory; pan left to a smaller building. The wall. A jutting out area of land at the left, with plants on it; pan right over the river to houses on the right bank. Town buildings on the right; a small sail boat on the river; a bridge in the distance.

The view from the front of a boat; houses to the left, a large ship to the right. A lifting bridge a way in the distance, opening up. A man on the boat. A man on the right hand side of the lifting bridge, as seen from the front of the moving boat. The man on the boat. A train going over a bridge. The insides of two boats at the side of the river. A boat going down the river; houses on the far side, grass on the near. A flag on the mast. Another shot of the mast. A ship going down the river; a river boat going past the other way. Plants and trees on the river bank. Animals in a field. A white cottage behind a hedge. The view down a river surrounded by forest, from a moving boat. Narrow stretch of river, the trees reflected in the water.

Reeds floating in very narrow river; many of them growing either side. A ship in the foreground, canvas covering parts; a boat on the river; trees and plants in the background. A garden, a woman pushing something, a fence with open gate in the background. A car in this garden, a boat to the right. A boy walks from the grass onto the boat; several other boats can be seen on the river behind. A river boat; houses on the far bank. Sail boats on a wide stretch or area of river. A sail boat on the river; plants on the far bank. Sail boats, possibly for a regatta, forest on the far bank.

Three men on a small fishing boat on a calm bit of river, trees behind them. The same from further away; a barge goes past. Narrow river, trees either side, reflections on water, just before a bend in the river. A river boat goes past as the men fishing stay on the right, on a large stretch of river by trees; pan right to a circular area of grass, a house and a tower behind. Sail boats on wide river. Boats on the left side by the bank, some huts, forest behind. Narrow river, trees either side.

Wide stretch of river, plants on banks, boats a way off. A ruined building surrounded by a metal fence, surrounded by grass; a man walks on top of the arch. A barge goes down the river, the ruins on the bank; pan left to show the barge towing a small rowing boat, and the view down the river. A sail boat; a man running to the front and moving the sail. Wide river, land formations; sail boats, possibly a regatta. Pan out from photograph or picture of reeds either side of and floating on the river, a man in a boat, people working by the side; "The End".

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