Film: 8423

Canals + Waterways | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Views of a grimy city canal, industrial buildings in the background, tyres in the water and kids playing beside the canal and the work to restore the canals 1960's

Heavy machinery with Waterway Recovery Group written on the side. Entrance to the ruined Tudor Mill Company Ltd building, Lancashire. Ashtec sign above a derelict building. Diggers move across a canal bridge. View down onto a large group of people gathered outside the control room building for the Ashtec restoration works on the Ashton Canal. Volunteers gathered. Many wear the same T-shirt design. View down over a very dilapidated canal area of mud and rubbish. Workers in the canal lifting out debris from the water and mud. A cart of rubbish is pushed along a portable track by a group of men. Makeshift debris is used to provide crossings over small streams of water to enable larger items to be removed. A group of people are trying to remove a truck tyre. A digger pulls out buckets of debris. Digger dredging. Men in suits tour the works along the tow path. View of volunteers hard at work, camera zooms out for a wider view of the activity.

Digger dredging and emptying mud into a dump truck. An muddy metal drum sits in a cart along with other debris. A digging machine makes a route through a stone wall. Rubble is dumped by a truck and the digger uses this to make a ramp to move the machine back onto the road. Workers stand below the lock gates. A pump is fired up. Sludge and mud is removed from the site in a British Waterways Board lorry. The pump is manhandled into position by a long line of volunteer workers. Spring buds on a canal side tree. Ducks in a pen. Men chat. One man prepares to record an interview with another man. Cart loads of rubbish are removed from the canal. Onlookers watch from the tow path. A woman serves cups of drink from a keg. A bulldozer continues to load huge buckets of canal refuse into a truck. A woman pulls on muddy waders. Two buckets, one with filthy water, the other holds clear water – presumably a before and after clearing of the canal. The signs behind the buckets can’t be read. Panning view of the cleared canal, which is still largely mud with only a thin stream of water flowing in the centre. Steps up to a bridge. Views of the canal now full of water. A swan on the canal.

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