Film: 8426

Places + Locations | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Bahrain 1970's

Airport departures lounge. Announcement of flight departure over tannoy and people start to move away from seating area. People walk along wide corridor in airport. April 4th 1970 and a Gulf Aviation airliner moves backwards on apron at Heathrow Airport. Inside cockpit, shot over pilot's shoulder of airliner in front taxiing. Side shot of Gulf Aviation airliner taking off from Heathrow Airport, London. Airliner passes over camera position. General views of Bahrain, cars on street, mosque. Bahrainis climbing up rear stairway straight into body of airliner from tarmac of Bahrain Airport. Aircraft is a BAC-111 - it taxis. Workers extending runway as pollution spewing airliner flies over. Steam rollers on tarmac roll backwards.
New harbour port in Bahrain. Crane unloading goods from hold of ship. Bahrain hotels. The new Gulf Hotel - external view. Small wooden fishing boats bobbing on sea. Voice over says they are to be moved so the new Bahrain Hilton can be built. Government House which was built on reclaimed land. Sheikh Khalifa chairing meeting of Government Council. His heir attending the meeting. Oil drilling rig in the desert. Bahrain was the site of the first oil find in the southern Gulf in the 1930's. Oil refinery. The refinery refines Bahrain's oil plus some of Saudi Arabia's. 90% of oil company's employees are Bahraini. A man looking at a precision metal engineering in progress. Schoolboys outside school. Boys walk in double file into school building. Hospital. The new Gulf Technical College is a regional college still under construction. Satellite station providing international communications. Bahrain's first oil well and near it communication receiving station. Engineers working on electronic wiring for the Cable and Wireless company. New aluminium smelter under construction on east coast. Big mobile crane trundling about site. The processing plant will use natural gas fuel. White shirtless surveyor at work on building site. He holds both thumbs up to indicate approval to colleague off camera. Bahrainis poring over blueprints or plans. Engineer. Ship repair yard at docks. Slipway with small ship. Repairs going on. Plastics factory in free zone. Close ups of man operating a piece of machinery. Fishing industry. Bahraini flag flying from mast of fishing boat.
Sheikh Khalifa signing documents which are presented to him. He came to the throne in 1961. Desert dual carriageway. Palm tree lined dual carriageway in or on outskirts of town. Issa Town is the Arab world's first 'New Town'. Mosque in the town of Issa. Three storey homes. Pedestrianised centre. Town looks to be very near completion and has some people moving about in it. Boys kick football about outside the National Sports' Stadium. Capital city of Manama - general views of the modern sections and boulevards. Bahrain's power station. Street in Manama with 'Habib Bank' prominent. The British Bank of the Middle East bank building. 'Eastern Bank Limited'.
Westerners living areas and residential areas. White children cycling on residential street. Beach scene - five children at shore. One wears inflatable arm bands. Yachting. White couple in swimming costumes steer dinghy called 'Xanadu'. Woman water skiing behind speed boat. Idyllic ending with sunset over sea, yachts out to sea and palm trees in the foreground.

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