Film: 8430

Road Transport | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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The Ford car company history 1950's

Still photographs of motor cars including the first manufactured by Ford in 1896, tracing the development of early Ford cars. Potted history of the start of motor manufacturing by Ford in U.K. African safari of Teddy Roosevelt with ample shots of tribesmen carrying luggage for the Safari over rivers. Still of first Ford Company works at Trafford Park, Manchester in October 1911 to assemble the cars that were imported from the United States. Various stills of the factory follow. Coronation of King George 5th and Queen Mary. Procession of this event. Copious footage of Edwardian and Victorian women dressed in clothes pertaining to the period. Trenches and battlefields of the 1914 - 1918 war. Manufacture of cars since 1920s in English factory. A 1920s couple she wearing cloche hat, he a suit, dance on top of a car as it makes it's way through traffic. Marshy shores of Essex on the banks of the River Thames. 250,000 car produced by 1925. Still of this car. Model A car climbs Ben Nevis, Scotland in 1928. Graf Zeppelin with crew. New Yorkers celebrate Zeppelin arrival. Epic polar flight of Commander Bird in 1929. Foundations of Ford plant on Essex marshes in Dagenham near London. Ford showrooms in Regent Street, London. Completed factory 1931. First vehicle rolls off the production line November 2nd 1931. Crowds of workers celebrate. Regulated Flow' production system. Manufacture of steel. Unveiling of small car in 1932. Opening of Sydney Harbour bridge in 1932 accompanied by some drama when an officer on horseback interrupted the ceremony by slashing the tape with his sword. Official opening of the harbour bridge. Good sequence of the fist ships steaming under the bridge. Primo Conera the world's heaviest boxing champion. Introduction of C car in 1934. Production line of this car shown reputedly the cheapest car to be produced retailing at the sum of £100. Six year old Shirley Temple. Unveiling of new model 7 Y. Queen Mary on the high seas in 1938 on route to New York to win the Blue Riband. Good shots of the arrival of Queen Mary with passengers on board looking towards Manhattan. Launch of her sister ship on the Clyde. Stills of the Ford Prefect and Ford Anglia cars. His Majesty George sixth at Downing Street conferring with Prime Minister regarding the outbreak of World War Two. Crowds that have lined the streets wave. Montage of shots showing wartime Britain. A woman welds an engine. Ford factory, Manchester with production of Rolls Royce engines used to power mosquitoes and Spitfires. Manufacture of tanks. An unidentified town somewhere in Europe. Tanks roll through the bombed town. Massed Pipe Bands with soldiers wearing kilts lead the victory celebrations. Stills of the Anglia and Prefect. Consul produced in 1950. Zephyr Six Ford car. 1953 - Professor Linguard makes a record descent of two and a half miles in his Batascope submarine off the Italian coast. New style Anglia is launched. General views of Dagenham plant in Essex. Export of British made Ford cars by ship. New modern foundry on site of Ford manufacturing base. The Flying Saucer a Hovercraft like machine coasts along on the surface on the water. Missile is launched. View of the earth as the missile rapidly reaches orbit. Three chimpanzees get into a car and drive off. July 1959 at London Hippodrome where the newest Anglia is unveiled. A wide ranging film tracing the development of the Ford Company in U. K. combining this historical events from 1911 to 1959.

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