Film: 8432

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1950 | Silent | B/W


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News from 1959.

Building site in France, rebuilding Paris. Cardinal Francis Spellman (or the pope?) at Christmas. Men get off American Airlines jet aircraft. Grey Cup Festival in Canada. Parade and Winnipeg Blue Boys. Canadian 'American' football, Winnipeg versus Hamilton.
'Mummies Room', preserved corpses in a museum. Exterior of the museum, signs in French and English. Visitors walking around the museum. Shots of exhibits. Open casket containing the mummified corpse of one of the Rameses, he is not wrapped in cloth. Some visitors looking at the exhibit.
Soviets in Berlin at a war memorial. Dinner with sausages. Mafekin in Africa, old colony. Various items on Prime Minister Harold MacMillan. 16/11/1959 Shah of Iran on tour. German training sailing ship, the Gorch Fock. Pope at ceremony. Toy trains, cars and dolls.

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