Film: 8437

Aviation | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Handley Page Crescent Wing. Development of different wing shapes in aircraft 1950's
Development of aeronautics and the Crescent wing design for aircraft.

Series of still drawings of aircraft since the beginning of flight design.
Men in a design studio, standing at drafting boards, drawing. Technicians operating a wind tunnel. Factory worker with a machine cutting metal. Engineers in discussion in front of a plane.
The operation of a wing is explained in model form, with wind tunnel air flow diagrams.
Engineers and designers meet to discuss airplane wing design.
The thickness of a wing is discussed in relation to the speed at which it can travel and is shown in model form.
A boy folds and throws a paper plane or dart outside.
Drag and its effect on plane wings is discussed and explained with diagrams.
A Handley Page Victor aircraft is towed out to the runway. Models of the airplane are shown. The bomber plane takes off. The crescent winged airplane in flight. The plane landing.
With the use of models and diagrams the narrator explains how the plane can be landed without touching the controls. Another landing is shown.
Sir Frederick Handley Page talks to camera about the aircraft, while seated behind a desk. He gets up and sits on the edge of his desk and points to a large model of a passenger airplane, the Handley Page 97 Intercontinental Jet Airliner. Close up pan of the model. The Victor aircraft in flight again.

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