Film: 8438

Feature Drama | 1910 | Silent | B/W


Pre World War One spy melodrama involving a bomber aircraft - interesting for it's foresight of things to come, also a Mata hari type female spy to lure the upright British Cricks and Martin 1910's

Intertitle: "Jack Morgan, of the anti-aircraft services, has invented a new explosive shell. Jack Morgan…..Mr Austin Camp." Jack appears, making shells.

Intertitle: "Sonia, a true British Maid, who is in love with Jack. Sonia…Miss Sonia Delarge." Sonia appears at a window.

Intertitle: "Sir Julius Brenner, a naturalized Englishman (from Germany), who is known as no. 70 in the Williamstrasse spy service. Sir Julian Brenner…Mr. Walter
Pierce. "Sir Julian appears in top hat.
Intertitle: "Under the guise of a shipping broker, Brenner and his wife plan to locate London's air defence stations." Office scene, bald headed Brenner shows plans to a woman. Intertitle: "Morgan leaves his office each day at four, use your wits and meet him. "Baldy points out things on the plan to the well dressed woman.

Intertitle: "that afternoon, the scheming woman leaves to try and make Jack's acquaintance." Perhaps a Mata Hari type figure. The woman comes out of the arched doorway of an old building.
Street scene. A car. A doorman. The woman inside the car. Jack, in peaked cap, walks off down the road. Woman follows in a car. Jack arrives at rundown terraced house. The woman gets out of the car. Jack inside, making shells. The woman appears. Intertitle: "Will you come to my charity concert tonight." She gives Jack a ticket to a red cross benefit at the Hippodrome. Jack hands her some money.

Intertitle: In the evening Jack goes to the charity concert". Dressed up ladies at the top of some stairs. Man in cowboy hat appears, plus man with a moustache and his arm in a sling, then another wounded man. One of the women pins badges on them.
A well dressed couple appear, shake hands with a woman, they all go downstairs.

Woman on theatre balcony, figures on stage. Intertitle: "At the theatre, (lady?) Brenner
nervously awaits Jack's arrival". Lady Brenner on the balcony, Jack arrives.
Intertitle: "come to my box, you interest me." Close up of Jack and Lady B., making conversation .Intertitle: "I am afraid of air raids, do tell me ,are we prepared to give them a warm reception?" Another conversational close up of Jack and Lady B.
Intertitle: I am upon my honour not to disclose the location of our anti- aircraft guns".
Lady B. looks sulky, leaves Jack.

Intertitle ; " The secret headquarters of the Williamstrasse spies in London"
Seven baddies gathered round a table, some in masks. Lady B. on the phone.
Masked man on the phone. Intertitle: "send help at once, I can do nothing with him."
Lady B. on phone again. Jack laughing. Outside the Hippodrome. Man in bowler hat goes inside. He meets Lady B. on the balcony. Jack is enjoying the show. The man in the bowler hat goes back to his car, three other men get out.
Intertitle: 2 Feigning illness,(Lady?) Brenner implores Jack's assistance. Lady B. at the top of the stairs, trying t5 look ill. Jack calls a cab. Man in bowler hat waits outside. Jack helps Lady B. Outside, where she throws her shawl over his head and four men try to bundle him in the car. Jack falls back on the pavement.
Intertitle: " Jack foils the plans of the spies". Jack wrestling with one of the spies outside the Hippodrome. Lady B. looks back as the car pulls away. A policeman appears, Jack points at the car. Lady B. in the car again.

Intertitle: "The next day, the Brenners visit Madame Viola's smart Bond Street shop,
where Sonia is employed as a model." Brenner and Lady B. get out of the car. Inside the Salon, four women & one man. Sir Julius & Lady B. sit down. Sonia models an outfit on a small stage, with palms. Models show off various outfits.
Intertitle: "Sonia attracts the attention of Brenner". Models twirl in fur coats. Lady B.
Goes off into a changing room with two attendants. Sir Julius paws at Sonia, passes
her a note, text on screen: "Will the beautiful model join me for luncheon and discuss plans for the improvement of her position in life, Schultz, phone 3454 Gerrard."
Lady B. in side room in new outfit. Other ladies leave the Salon, Brenner looks impatient. Lady B. reappears, leaves with Brenner.

Intertitle: "Jack meets Sonia, and after comparing experiences, their suspicions are aroused". Jack and Sonia on the street. Intertitle : "Later, seeing Lady Brenner passing in her car, they decide to follow her." Jack hanging onto the side of a car,
Sonia inside. Intertitle : "a secret meeting"

Riverboat scene. Two men. One unfolds a map or plan, the other opens up a secret panel. Guns hidden inside. Intertitle ;"The spies inspect their hidden arsenal".
Third man appears, in a mask, then another. Brenner arrives, in cloth cap. Two more men in masks appear. Seven spies in all, five seated round a table. Man at the back
closes up the secret panel. Lady B. arrives. Jack and Sonia are watching . Brenner
and Lady B. go off through secret panel. Jack and Sonia outside again.
Intertitle: " We have discovered the headquarters of a dangerous gang, run for the police." Sonia leaves. Intertitle: "The masterspies escape". The Brenners get into a car. Jack lurks outside the cabin, a policeman appears, on all fours. Sonia appears with another policeman. They burst into the room where the spies are round a table, a brief fight. The spies put their hands up as Jack produces a gun. All leave the cabin.

Intertitle: "Brenner changes his disguise while the motor carries them to Marble Arch"
Close up of the Brenners. Intertitle; "The spies drink a toast to their Royal master in
celebration of their narrow escape. "The office. The Brenners and another man. Brenner pulls away a picture to reveal a portrait of the Kaiser underneath. They raise their glasses.

Intertitle: " Sonia awaits a message from Jack" Intertitle: " The spies, believing their offices to be watched, disguise themselves and use their concealed wireless to send a report on London weather conditions to Germany." The Brenners and moustache man in front of huge wireless set. Man in German uniform writing down a message. Intertitle: " Barometer fair, no winds, conditions right". Man in uniform again, in ops room. Intertitle ; " The Gothas lined up ready to start upon their cowardly mission". Line of planes, two men looking at them.

Intertitle: "Jack and Sonia decide to investigate the shipbrokers' office." Jack and Sonia outside the office. Can't see through the keyhole. Jack climbs through a window onto a stairway. Intertitle: " A Gotha scout prepares to leave for England".
Jack and Sonia outside the office again. Intertitle: "If I only had a periscope I could see into that room." Jack and Sonia on the landing outside the shipping office. He breaks the metal piece off the bottom of the blind. Intertitle: "Give me the mirrors from your bag, I believe I can make one." Jack fixes Sonia's mirror on top of the metal rod. He holds it on the stairs. Encircled shot of the Brenners and moustache man at their wireless appears. Plane in the sky. Jack and Sonia enter the office.
Intertitle: " The master spies decide to escape over the house tops. "
Lady B. dressed as a man, with moustache man. Intertitle : " Quick, you must get out at once."

Lady B. and moustache man going up the fire escape. Jack and Sonia ransack the office, Jack tears up the picture of the Kaiser. Sonia shows him a message .
Intertitle: " Barometer fair, no winds, conditions right." They leave the office through a window. Jack and Sonia go up the fire escape. Lady B. and moustache man further up. Jack and Sonia on the roof. Baddies going downstairs. Jack and Sonia look down on the street. Cars and a bus. Jack and Sonia get into a car, Lady B. looks out of one. Traffic scenes. Intertitle: " The spies again elude them in the maze of London traffic" Jack and Sonia get out of the taxi.

Intertitle: "The Brenners have taken a house in the country and are signalling the location of the anti-aircraft guns to the approaching Gothas". Back view of men and women in nurse's uniform arriving at a country house.

Intertitle: "Jack has finished his new explosive shell and goes to the country to test it."
Jack at his lathe, finishing off shells. Brenner signalling. Intertitle: "Jack and Sonia visit
one of the anti-aircraft gun stations." Anti-aircraft gun, two men, one woman.
Intertitle: "They leave to try and put the gun out of action". Man in uniform and "nurse"
leaving the house. Biplane in the sky. Man and nurse arrive at gate guarded by sentry. Intertitle: "Jack again recognizes Brenner and pursues him" Jack by the gun.
The Brenners go past the sentry. The biplane again. Jack pursuing Brenner.
Intertitle: "The capture of the masterspies" Sentry appears.

Intertitle: "A guard puts them under close arrest". The Brenners arrive in jail, sentry closes large gates. The biplane again. Intertitle: "The effects of one of the Gotha's bombs". Explosion. Intertitle: "A bomb from the Gotha hits their prison". Brenner collapses on a pile of rubble, attended by "nurse". Three officers appear, clear rubble, carry him away. Intertitle: "retribution". Officers looking down, "nurse" weeping. Plane in the sky. Ant- aircraft gun being aimed. Intertitle: "Hit". Plane explodes in the sky. Intertitle: "the end of the Gotha Raider". Men examining the wreckage of the plane.

Intertitle: "Jack gets the right answer to an old question". He's proposed and is accepted. Jack kisses Sonia. "The END".

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