Film: 8440

Politics | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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The cold war. Korean war. Cuba Missile crisis 1960's.
Formation of NATO, April 1949, Washington DC, United States. Suited leader sits on a chair with a desk in front of him on a podium in front of a crowd. Signs document with two suited men watching on from either side of him. Another suited leader in the same seat with diminutive features signs the document. Close up of the man. Close up of another leader, an elderly man with round spectacles signing the document. Zoomed out view of a larger man with round glasses taking the same seat. Close up of him signing the document. Zoomed in view of a map with Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Italy and Portugal labelled and the original European members of NATO marked in white. Turkey and Greece then turn white to highlight them joining in 1951 and West Germany turns white to highlight its joining in 1955. Zoomed in view of the Soviet bloc on the map with the USSR labelled. China appears labelled to highlight Communists gaining control there in 1949, zooms into the frontier between North and South Korea with arrow pointing towards it. Korea 1950: a Korean women working in the fields with gunshots in the background, she looks up before standing up and putting her hand over her eyes to block the sunlight as she looks into the distance. Uniformed soldiers running in a gap in-between terrain and turning and moving into positions facing right. A soldier looking out of binoculars. A soldier behind cover firing a gun. Two soldiers manning and firing a piece of artillery. Two soldiers behind cover shooting guns. Two minor explosions take place in shrubbery with smoke then flying from the points of impact. Zoomed in footage of soldier's feet as they climb over a bump in the surface and sprint for cover. Map of Korea showing the divide and distinguishing them with labels as being North and South Korea, the dividing line starts to flash to highlight frontier incidents. Arrow from the North into the South to illustrate reports that the North Koreans had struck across the border driving back the South Koreans. United Nations Security Council with rows of seats at the back and then a gap to a smaller table with seats around this and a table around this in the shape of a U with people sitting around them all. Large tanker ship setting off watched by a flock of people containing the United Nations Force sent to help the Koreans. Men on the deck of the ship looking over. Korean girls waving flags. Uniformed soldiers walking off the ship via a platform to loud cheers. Close up of two soldiers gazing at the scenes, one moustached. Soldiers walk off the platform. More soldiers disperse. American soldiers milling around. American general Douglas MacArthur walking down a ladder from an aircraft with another uniformed man behind him and another standing besides the ladder and he proceeds to shake hands with another man in military uniform. Close up of MacArthur smiling and shaking hands vigorously. MacArthur clasping another military man at the arms and speaking to him. Battleships gliding across the water. View from choppy waters of the ships. Three uniformed sailors on deck, one looking out of binoculars. Large container being towed along the water. Two tanks rumbling across a plain and one using a flamethrower. Another angle of two tanks using their flamethrowers. A cannon manned by a soldier firing Soldier firing behind cover and another running to take cover behind him. Close up of soldiers running. Cannon being fired with two soldiers manning it. Two soldiers running down a gravely path. Soldier taking cover whilst an explosion goes off in the distance and several more running and taking cover next to him. Tank rolling away with soldier standing out of the hatch gesticulating. Soldiers behind a barricade, one standing up and firing over the top. Tank rolls across a bridge with a jeep behind it. Lots of jeeps and military vehicles in a line on a road surrounded by mountainous terrain. US soldiers walking along this pathway in their hundreds. North Korean Prisoners in a long line being marshalled along by US soldiers. Close up of Chinese troops all sitting down as one. Closeup of Chinese prisoners. Aircraft flies across battlefield and drops bomb causing an explosion. United Nations forces running up a hill. Angle from behind of them running up a hill. Soldier placing bullets behind sandbags being used as cover. Soldiers firing a cannon. Soldier firing a cannon with his back to it and hands over his ears. Explosion on battlefield with dark smoke pouring everywhere. Building with smoke pouring out of it from all directions. Further out view of Koreans walking in front of the smouldering building with only some looking at it. Long line of homeless Korean refugees walking the streets with men, women and children in shawls and carrying large sacks containing their possessions. Side on view of a woman with three children one of whom (a boy) along with her is carrying a big knapsack. Zoomed out view of hundreds of refugees walking along a road. Zoomed in footage of refugees with several carrying massive knapsacks on their heads. Side on view with several laying out mats for their cow to walk along. Two jeeps driving along a road. Two military men, one in shirt and tie rather than full uniform walk along a road. Five military men in full military dress walking along a road. Graveyard with two crosses as gravestones and numbers and letters on them. Zoomed in Map of the Communist Bloc with SEATO appearing in bold over a section of the map, arrows point to the member states. Pans to another part of the map with CENTO written in bold across it. Zoomed out view of the Soviet Bloc on the map. American soldiers in full military dress marching in rows with a flag bearer at the front. Three tanks rolling out. Jeep with two military men inside (one driving) rolls out, zooms out to see row of the same Jeep with guns attached. Rows of Jeeps and two trucks behind ride out in procession with some military men watching on and several ordinary looking onlookers. View from behind of truck carrying troops with watching people on either side of the procession In the US after talks Khrushchev and Eisenhower both suited walk from the entrance to a house forward. Close up of Khrushchev. Zoomed out view of them talking and laughing to one another. Zoomed in footage of Eisenhower laughing and camera pans across to Khrushchev. Zoomed out footage of them walking back towards the entrance to the house, Eisenhower stops and lets Khrushchev walk in ahead of him before entering himself and being followed by a suited man and one wearing full military dress. Paris 1960 Summit Conference: zoomed out view of luxurious building hosting the conference. Soldier outside on guard and man on a balcony. Khrushchev walked down the white steps of the building and shaking hands with the suited man alongside him before getting into a car with both doors open for him and patting the driver on the back before he drives away with several other figures in the passenger seats of the car after it has been revealed that an American spy plane has been caught over Soviet territory. Eisenhower walks down the steps and shakes hands with the same suited man before entering his car with the door held open for him. Harold Macmillan walks down the steps into his car with the doors held open for him and the car drives off with union jacks flying on the front. Khrushchev stands on a podium and animatedly speaks and points launching a "ruthless tirade against the Americans" in the aftermath, camera pans to the Russian generals sitting beside him clapping as he finishes speaking. American Congress. Zoomed in footage of American congress panning down to the bottom past the American flag. Picture of American President John F Kennedy with a speech of his being played over the top. Tanks rolling forwards across plains. Another angle of one of the tanks. Pans across terrain to more tanks and zooms in on one of them. Aircraft with US symbol on the body flying through the sky. Zooms in on the pilot who is wearing a helmet and what looks like a gas mask. American battleship gliding through the water. American jet aircraft zooming off down a runway with earmuffed technicians standing around it. Zoomed in view of American battleship as it glides through the water. American submarine glides through the water. Russian aircraft carrying missiles flies through the sky. Russian jet aircraft flies into the sky. Three Russian aircraft fly through the sky. Russian aircraft flies through the sky. Hydrogen bomb explosion with enormously wide radius. Zoomed out footage of the smoke from the explosion among the clouds. Photo of American president sitting at his desk, zooms into his face. Button at control panel that could launch nuclear weapons gradually zoomed into. . Picture of Soviet leaders. Part of the map showing some of the US (labelled) and Cuba which is labelled and zoomed into. Ship containing rockets being sent to Cuba from Khrushchev . American navy battleships gliding across the water on a mission to stop the Russian ships. Another angle of the navy ship. Aircraft flying through the sky. Soldiers looking out from the windows. Russian ships going home again. Zoomed out view of the Russian ships retreating. Suited presenter who has been speaking over all the programme speaks about there being no great crisis between the two great powers since the Cuban Missile Crisis. August 1963, Moscow: Khrushchev sitting at a desk opposite Lyndon B. Johnson. Close up of Khrushchev's face as he speaks. Newspaper headline reading Agreement Reached in Moscow on test Ban Treaty. Headline from July 1968 reading Three Nuclear Powers sign treaty today. Map with Eastern Europe highlighted. Zoomed in newspaper headline reading Czech drive for true freedom. Russian tanks in Czech Republic sent in to stop Czech leaders giving their people more freedom. Tank rolling through street roaming with people. Man gesturing at the tank. Crowd gesturing at the tank. Suited presenter speaking about the American/Russian balance of power and saying it looks like the Cold War in Europe might be coming to an end. Credits of writers/directors etc over an image of the button which could launch nuclear weapons being zoomed into with a ticking noise in the background. Black screen. Countdown leader. Graphic of a globe and text reading History 1917-71. A sign in a field reading Minuteman launch control facility. A bunker. A key being turned. A rocket being launched. Smoke billowing into the air and the view panning up along with the rocket as it flies into the sky. And a graphic of bubble writing the Cold war appears superimposed over the top. The same suited presenter talking about how the US and Russia were once allies in the Second World War. Potsdam Conference 1945: Stalin Churchill and Truman sitting in armchairs in a garden together looking relaxed. Zoom in on Churchill. Zoom in on suited Truman wearing spectacles and looking to his right. Zoom in on moustached Stalin. Zoomed out view of all three. Zoom in on Stalin. View of buildings taken from plane flying over them,. Zoomed in map on the Communist Bloc with the countries labelled and filled in black. Barbed wire separating grassland to symbolise the Iron Curtain. Watchtower behind the barbed wire. Soldier guarding a track filmed from behind the barbed wire. Soldiers rolling out more barbed wire behind the barbed wire. Soldier holding pistol patrolling nearby shrubbery. Sunflower being blown by the wind behind the barbed wire. Zoomed in view of two soldiers' legs as they patrol whilst walking a black dog on a lead. Presenter speaking again explaining the fear of the West towards the spread of Communism. Zoomed in area of the map with an arrow pointing to Greece to symbolise the Communists trying to seize power there and pointing from Yugoslavia and Bulgaria to symbolise their governments being a part of it and a picture of Stalin appears above Turkey with an arrow pointing from him to the country to symbolise his threatening of Turkey. Picture of President Truman with his spectacles on and name underneath the picture, zooms in as it explains his pledge that the U.S. will help people anywhere in the world who are threatened by foreign powers. The Truman Doctrine is then superimposed over the picture in capitals. Map of Berlin with divide between East and West shown.

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