Film: 8442

Feature Drama | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Ancient television thriller.
Detective Stanley investigates a suspected suicide of a doctor in Harley Street. Shot of Harley Street road sign and the street. Detective walks into office at crime scene, met by his assistant and a witness, they discuss a dead body found there. His assistant with an improbable handlebar moustache discovers a blackmail letter addressed to the deceased. Very good close up of the blackmail letter saying, 'Need some more money, £500 this time'. Stanley charms the doctor's daughter in a truly smarmy manner. They get married. Cue good stock shots of New York to represent their honeymoon. Two toothbrushes lie next to each other in a jar to signify wedded bliss. A cleaning woman arrives at the Stanleys' home. The new Mrs Stanley finds out about her father's blackmail. Blackmail letters being put in a draw. A surprise ending! (I wont ruin it). Excellent close up of woman's hand dialling 999 on a telephone.

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