Film: 8444

London | 1950 | Sound | Colour


Promotional film advertising attractions of London, for coach-hire company 1950's

"PMT" monogram on coach side, below person seen seated on coach; coach moves off, revealing pottery kilns and side of building, showing "WILL… PRODUCT…" and part of car.
Rural scene, building in distance, war memorial in middle distance, signpost to R, coach approaches along road in centre; "POTTERIES LONDON" on front of coach, and below that "POTTERIES"; coach passes in front of us, reveals glimpse of a building behind, with a white wall.
Shoreline of a river, buildings to R, eight lighters side by side, moored. View across river from same place - misty. Sunlight reflected in water, over a tree.
View down the Thames towards Westminster, middle distance on R; buses passing on Westminster Bridge, a train passing R to L over Hungerford Bridge. View from south of river, panning across a ship "Baltrover" and several London lighters, across to the Tower of London. View down a deserted City street. Bollards in the road. Camera pans across river, SE to SW, past Royal Festival Hall to Westminster. View up Big Ben clock tower - 9 o'clock; Down the clocktower to see the coach passing below as well as double-decker buses, taxi &c.; coach turns past Boadicea statue into Embankment; man comes into view, gazing across river. Man lights pipe with Swan Vesta match. A tree in blossom. View towards Westminster over a tulip bed. Trees behind lake in park. Pan across Waterloo Bridge to Royal Festival Hall. Law Courts in the Strand, over heavy traffic and passing pedestrians, the City griffin in the centre.
Pan across High Holborn, showing Westminster Bank, a red & cream lorry, black and white timbered building, Georgian colonnaded crescent. Old alleyway, building's first floor jutting over payment; a woman in blouse and skirt emerges. Exterior of the Guildhall. A modern 'skyscraper', looming above the National & General Insurance Co. Ltd, & Alexander Clark. View panning up the Monument. Middle distance view of the Monument; to right a sign reads "A. BENS… POT… MER…". View from the top of the Monument, towards Tower Bridge. View towards St Paul's Cathedral. Ground-level view of St Paul's, a 13 bus heading away from us, ad for Littlewoods pools on side, for Castrol on back; part of St Paul's scaffolded. The Bank of England, traffic passing in front (cyclist, car, motorcycle & sidecar, taxi). Fleet Street street sign mounted on wall, above 'Gents hairdressing' sign; pan past "Robert Dyas" sign, "Toby Ale", then view down Fleet Street, traffic mostly taxis. The Daily Express building, a double decker passing. The Daily Telegraph building. View the other way up Fleet Street, to St Paul's; up to the sign of "Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese". View of the entrance to the Cheshire Cheese; the tariff by the door; a gaslight in the court, above iron railings. The sign, in Gothic script, of D & S Radford, 'Ye Dunhill Shoppe'.
View along the Embankment, busy with traffic. Pan across Lincoln's Inn, to the Gateway. Lincoln's Inn, over the lawn. Ivy-clad 19th century building, behind iron railings, pillar box at front. The Old Curiosity Shop, on corner of Portsmouth Street. The shop sign, and the inscription "Built 1567", and down to the shop window and a view of souvenir plates within. The Houses of Parliament from across the river, boats in foreground. View across Parliament Square to Big Ben tower; double deckers and taxis pass in front. The front of Westminster Abbey; traffic passing in front. Over a tug and three lighters to the Tower. Low-level view of the White Tower. Traitor's Gate. Cannons at the Tower. Four guardsmen, with crowd at the Tower. Tudor buildings inside the Tower; guards. A Yeoman warder helping a visitor. Four guardsmen marching. Man lights pipe; pan across to front of Hampton Court. Front entrance of Hampton Court. Clock at top of Hampton Court entrance. Statue of lion. Statue of unicorn, at entrance. Lion and unicorn together.
Middle-distance view of Windsor Castle. Inside the Castle complex. Guardsman with rifle & bayonet in Tudor court at Windsor; children watching - one has his foot on a football; one swings a satchel; one has a duffel bag, and is taking notes; a girl in a white frock approaches. Castle wall, seen through an archway. State apartments, over the Queen's garden.
Soldiers in grey uniforms & bearskins march towards us. Household Cavalry parade down Whitehall. Guardsmen and crowds in Whitehall. State Coach led by six white horses drives down Whitehall, followed by Household Cavalry. Close-up of royal coach, Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Philip (the Duke of Edinburgh) visible inside. Coach and cavalry in Whitehall again, followed by royal car. Crowds crossing bridge into City; an RACS (Royal Arsenal Co-operative Society) van passes. Lord Mayor and dignitaries at Lord Mayor's Show. Elaborately dressed coachmen. Lord Mayor's golden coach approaches, drawn by six white horses, accompanied by pikemen of the Honourable Artillery Company. Man watches them pass. H.A.C. parade past, following the coach. White ensigns flying over Admiralty Arch. Police State Visit diversion sign (5th & 6th May). Household Cavalry pass through Admiralty Arch. Guard at attention, in front of crowd; policemen. Guard and a dignitary in coach driving along the Mall to Buckingham Palace; crowds waving. White ensigns fluttering in the breeze. View down the Mall, lined with guardsmen and flags. Guardsmen cross the Mall, holding up traffic in front of the Palace. The Household Cavalry, all on black horses, parade down the Mall, traffic passing. Guards march towards the Palace. Front elevation of Buckingham Palace, guards marching in front.
Clock tower of Big Ben, past Boadicea statue. Man looks up. Pan across river to County Hall.
Water in the Trafalgar Square fountains. Water jetting from fountain. Across Trafalgar Square, over fountain, to National Gallery; pan across to St Martin's, woman comes into view (narrator's voice changes to a woman's); she looks at her watch, then smiles as she sees her friend. Friend arrives - in frock, carrying handbag. They meet at foot of Nelson's Column. The two women strolling up Regent Street. Short view driving along Regent Street. Through gate into Hyde Park. Park Lane and the Dorchester Hotel, from inside the park. Feet of the two women, walking briskly. Through the gate and towards Marble Arch. The two walking on Oxford Street. Along Oxford Street: B&W Linen Shop, Wallis, Etam, &c. A mannequin in a shop window: "Care-free cottons for care-free holidays". The woman looking in the window, seen from inside; a bus behind advertises "Crawford's Cream Crackers".
Long view down Piccadilly. Drive past the Royal Academy; Meakers. Statue of Eros.
A pavement artist at work. In the window of a shoe shop. Them looking in, from inside. A shoe in the window. The women talking about the shoes. One of them takes her foot out of her shoe and wiggles her toes - sore feet! Crowds milling at Wimbledon. Wimbledon tennis court, a man serves. Four women watching the players. The other player returns the ball, and the rally continues. Another serve and return. Close-up of the two women, one in sunglasses. Tennis action, focussing on one player. The two women walk L to R in front of an entrance door above which is displayed "ALL ENGLAND LAWN TENNIS CLUB". Action moves to Soho, a taxi passes L to R in front of Spanish restaurant 'Casa Pepe'; round 'No Waiting' sign on striped post at R. Frontage of the Trattoria da Otello. Frontage of the Trattoria Toscana. Frontage of La Belle Etoile Restaurant. Sign for Istanbul Restaurant, that for Janas restaurant visible behind - commentary says It's like being on the Continent - but not sure which continent. Neon sign saying 'PAKISTAN' beside the outline of an elephant; below, in a doorway, is written '44' and 'APARTMENTS'. Sign for 'SHAFI India' restaurant. The first and second stories of a building with eight double casement windows, seven of them open, a large sign displayed in Chinese. The name 'CHOYS' in letters on a red wall, with Chinese-style architectural features. A neon sign 'CHINESE RESTAURANT" and Chinese characters. The sign for J. Lyons & Co.

Crowds milling in a square. Street entertainers approaching the Soho Fair, one of whom has a top hat and a cane. Another angle showing the same entertainers, as well as policemen in the middle distance, a blue car, and a woman with a raised umbrella. A large group of men in white jackets, looking like waiters, apparently racing; those in front are clearly carrying something - perhaps a bottle - in their hands; they pass someone on horseback - probably a policeman. A closer shot of the race, in which a couple of the runners are in red jackets; all have numbers attached to the backs of their jackets. A carnival float drives R to L - a lorry packed with people, some of whom are women in bikinis; above them are many red, blue, yellow and green balloons tied to an overhead rectangular frame. A closer shot of the float, women with bare legs dangling over the side. Morris dancers waving white handkerchiefs. A float with an aquatic theme, with RAMSGATE written on the side; girls in swimming costumes astride large brightly coloured fish and a seahorse. A man with a mass of twisted balloons, two young girls in frocks and cardigans, several other adults, at R a man in sunglasses with a white hankie in the breast pocket of his suit; at the back, at L, is a shopfront "HAVAN…" and "TABAC…" visible; a closed roller shutter at right, in background. People holding numerous balloons; some are released, and the camera follows them upwards - they clearly have luggage labels attached. A view up the front of Victoria Coach Station, then panning down to see the two women approaching the entrance, walking away from us, each carrying a suitcase. The two women entering the coach station, seen from inside; we follow them as they walk past a poster and a sign pointing to a restaurant upstairs, into the main concourse, where numerous green coaches are parked.

In front of two red coaches, a family approaches, and the father indicates with a suitcase. Sign saying CAFETERIA. The man puts his case on a seat in the cafeteria, sits beside it; the table has a white surface, and is clear except for sugar, salt & pepper; he begins to speak to us. He speaks to us about why he likes London and why he comes. His wife and two children in the cafeteria queue, with a tray. The man adjusts his collar, starts to describe last trip to London. Medium-height view over London Airport, cars at a roundabout in foreground. People walking inside airport buildings. Row of flags on flag posts. Children ascending stairs to viewing platform, airplanes in middle distance. A row of seated people on viewing platform, people walking behind - said to be at the top of Queen's Building (?); pan across to airfield. Yellow gangways, and yellow airport buses approach a stationary airliner with its propellers turning. People watching, a woman in the foreground. Camera follows a taxiing plane, past a parked Sabena propeller-driven aircraft, reg. 00-AWZ.
Man in yellow overalls with yellow bats signals to aircraft. Longer shot showing man signalling, and a taxiing British European Airways (BEA) four engine propeller-driven airliner. Looking up to the crowd watching. A Britannia taking off, away from us.
Man in cafeteria, addressing us: "If the wife had her way she'd spend her whole life looking at the shops. But then, what woman wouldn't!"; his daughter, sitting beside him, drinks with a straw from a bottle, then removes the straw and drinks straight from the bottle.
Exterior of Olympia, traffic approaching, a policeman and a Belisha beacon at R. Inside Olympia, at the Ideal Homes Exhibition - several full-sized houses, people walking between. The interior of a stand - living room furnishings, many spotlights on ceiling. People coming out of a bungalow, a tree at R. A two-storey house, white walls, black roof with dormer windows, external stairs. People admiring a garden display; pans across to pond with fountains playing. Exterior of large store, possibly Selfridge's; people passing, traffic lights, a van with "SACCONE & …" on its side.
Woman in coat and hat looking at shop window display of slippers. Close-up of winter footwear in window, with sign saying "Just arrived from Italy. Bottines. Warm, lightweight, (fa)shion right"; a stylised Santa with a conical hat. The Swan & Edgar sign. Children looking in a toy shop window - rocking horse, doll, giant teddy, Triang London bus, Christmas tree; Piccadilly Circus reflected in window. Mother, girl & boy looking in, viewed from inside; Eros, Wrigley's advertisement, and Lemon Hart ads behind them. Building displaying 'Hoppy's Circus', 'Father Christmas and Uncle Holly', and 'Toyland third floor'. Busy scene inside store. Internal sign, 'To Father Christmas & Hoppy's Circus 1st floor, to the Toy Fair, third floor.' Entrance to Hoppy's Circus; signs: 'Admission Free, Lucky Present 2/6', 'Roll up! Roll up! All the fun of the fair.' Man at entrance in top hat, bushy whiskers, wing-tail collar. Fairground paraphernalia including small merry-go-round, turning. Close-up of a girl watching. Two marionettes dancing. A boy smiles. People standing around a model train layout. A toddler held up, watching eagerly. The layout again. Father Christmas with two children. A girl in a push-chair, with a teddy. Wife and kids walking inside London Zoo. An elephant. Two parrots or macaws. A blue parrot. A giant panda eating. The boy and girl watching. Bears in their enclosure. A hippo yawns.
A massive football crowd. Overview of a match at Wembley. Cup Final action on the pitch. The crowd applauding. More football action - player is in white shorts, blue jersey with vertical black stripes.
People milling at Battersea Pleasure Gardens. A winged Roland Emmett sculpture. A merry-go-round, viewed close up. Giant swingboats. The children approaching a ride. Close-up of the swing-boats. A roller coaster splashing into water. Up and down, from aboard the roller coaster. The mother and son enjoying the ride. The roller coaster wagons run towards us. Man at fairground stall, sign behind reads "5 balls 1/-". Man throws ball. Skittles fall. Stallholder presents man with coconut. A view of the fairground; at R is "Harry Gray's …twing sw…". The family in a flying-saucer-shaped car on a ride. View from the ride, across corner of boating lake towards restaurant. View towards centre of ride. Overhead view of rollercoaster.
The merry-go-round. The swing boat. The family aboard the saucer-ride. The roller coaster splashes into the water; signs say "Keep Your Seats", "Mind Your Hats".
Children buying candy floss; toffee apples on display; sign says "6d toffee apples 6d". Father looks disgusted. Children take huge candy floss bites.
Daughter eating messily in coach station cafeteria. Mother speaks to father. Father finishes his tea, turn to us and bids us farewell. Family get up and leave.
Darkness - overhead lights come on. Neon signs - APOLLO, others mostly illegible, except for 'Irma La Douce'. Trafalgar Square fountain by night. Fountain gushing in dark. Blue neon signs light up. Spinning yellow star-shape. Neon sign - PRINCE OF WALES. Cinema frontage with neon signs: CINERAMA, 'SEVEN WONDERS OF THE WORLD'. Abstract neon display. Down a street, lights both sides. Lights of Piccadilly Circus by night - Guinness clock. Close shot of Piccadilly Circus adverts - 'A Double Diamond Works Wonders', 'Delicious Coca-Cola Refreshing', Forte's restaurant, Guinness clock, Schweppes, Max Factor. Animated neon sign advertising Wrigley's Spearmint Chewing Gum. Neon sign - PRONTO. Close-up of Coca-Cola sign.
Coach wheel, pulling out to show departing coach - promotional voice-over. View inside coach, towards driver in white jacket & peaked cap. View through windscreen; at top right is a transparent display guide to road signs. Clock of Big Ben saying 4:46.
Screen ad: "Hire a PMT coach. Frequent tours operate to London Airport and Windsor . . ."

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