Film: 8447

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W + Colour


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Mack Sennett with lovely early flying sequences and aircraft - Starring Daphne Pollard, Lige Conley, Madeline Hurlock and Sennett girls 1920's

[Amber] Monoplane flying. Plane called "Spirit of Shanghai" (remarkably like Lindberg's "Spirit of St Louis"). Pilot closes door. Pilot of controls in close up. Quite good special effects of plane being cleaned by man with broom, whilst flying. Man suddenly realises plane is in air and jumps. Cartoon of cow with wings flying. Mechanic on back of plane in flying helmet points.
Beach. Beach tents in a line spinning around. Two "bathing beauty" women emerge from tent in costume, first plays small guitar, second does the Charleston dance. Two other women in costumes. One admires other's costume. Peculiarly dressed woman emerges from tent. Pats chest. Strolls around looking for something. Does ballet type stretches (badly) (Miss Polka). Line-up of Sennett Bathing Beauties. Miss Polka falls over. Women in sea.
Plane, pilot fed by arms of co-pilot on whose lap he sits. Spoon goes up nose, turns around criticizes co-pilot. Co-pilot mops his nose. Cat lying on back drinking from bottle of milk. Rat appears and cat distracted. Black cat. Cat chases animated rat, which runs into hole. Co-pilot stirs tea / coffee for pilot. Holds it to pilot's mouth who blows on it before drinking. Co-pilot throws coffee out of door, blows back into pilot's face. Cat nearly catches rat sticking it's head out of hole. Woman falls in water. Bathing beauties in rowing boat. Woman pulls plug out of bottom of boat, water gushes in. Pilot uses binoculars to look out of side window. Pilot swaps seats with nervous co-pilot and prepares to jump, climbs ladder onto roof. Jumps. See parachute. Lands in sea. Co-pilot happily experiments with controls. Moves them a little, then hits control hard and spins. Fights to regain control successfully. Rowing boat moves along, water gushing in, woman splashing along behind. Co-pilot on roof of plane, prepares to jump, does not notice parachute blown away when he jumps. Lands in sea. Miss Polka swims to him. Sits on him, uses him as boat and rows with oar whilst he is unconscious. His foot keeps getting in way. Plane lands. Close up cat and rat at window. Bathing beauties shepherd pilot onto beach. Crowd around him. Close up woman on veranda. Photographer arranges pilot and beauties into a pose on beach. Pilot smiles in close up, glances sideways, sees Madeline Hurlock. She looks shyly away, walks off temptingly. His head turns, whilst Beauties smile at photographer. He walks off, leaving a gap in the line-up. Pilot stands behind girl, and spills water from his sleeve onto her. She stands up wet, but laughs. They sit down again. Couple at table in close up smiling. Beauties surround them. Miss Polka with washed up co-pilot, still unconscious on beach. Pats his hand. She despairs, "The only man I ever caught, and he's unconscious". Rests her hands on his chest, gush of water comes out of his mouth. Backs off gingerly, stands on his stomach, gush of water again. Bends down and he gushes into her face. Takes a run at him and jumps on his chest, he again makes a fountain with his mouth. Pilot and girl look. Co-pilot is revived. Bathing beauties, and close up two girls. Beauties crowd round co-pilot whilst Miss Polka is distracted. She is angry, spins huddle of girls round, two big backsides appear. She charges at them, and whole huddle collapses leaving dazed co-pilot standing. Close up face covered in lipstick kisses. Miss Polka threatens girls "Hands Off!". Girls decide to take a button each as souvenir. He is dishevelled. Fat girl takes his underpants, but hands them back again.
[Colour section] Girls do "Butterfly Dance". People applaud. Co-pilot with soft leather helmet and goggles looks proud and smug. Girls dance again. Girl beauty and man in leopard-skin dance. Girls wiggle about a lot. Couple applaud. Miss Polka also dances, skips with rope and flowers. Skipping rope. People applaud and laugh. Two men dresses up, one as little Bo Peep, other as black savage appear. "She" curtsies and knocks him over. He gets up and kicks her backside. Polly Polka does her dance again. "The leaping tuna" in slow motion. (Actress on wires). She jumps over pond four times. She pulls co-pilot up to dance. They get their legs intertwined. She fails to catch him and he lands on her foot, she leaps about. They hold hands and spin, They let go and he falls in pond. Waiter brings large radio microphone in on stand in front of pilot. (not now in flying gear). Girl pins medal on his chest. They kiss. Miss Polka looks huffily. Animated effect whereby rat and dog run up Miss Polka's skirt. She does head over heels and rolls about. Man climbs out of pool. Couple kiss over radio microphone. Wet co-pilot protests his love for Miss Polka. She hits him into pool and storms off.

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