Film: 8472

Politics | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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The history of the United Nations or U.N 1940's.
Shows paintings and images of similar congresses and meetings that have gone before including the Congress of Vienna 1815, Cabinet of the League of Nations, shows soldiers from the World Wars as evidence of why the UN is needed to stop them from occuring. Lists out the aims of the U.N.: equal rights, promoting social progress. Shows representative governments signing the Charter including India. United Nations Flag flying. Flags of founding members. Shows a model of the hierachy of the U.N. such as the different councils. Shows the General Assembly- close ups of Swedish and Greek members. Shows the security council with eleven member states and voiceover explains their role and veto processes. Shows the assistance provided such as giving farmers better toolsd, training technicians modern techniques. Shows the International Court of Justice in the Netherlands. Shows the secretariats staff doing their various jobs such as looking at maps. Shows men gathered around a table, the charter pages being turned and diplomats talking to one another and flags flying.
Runway with several people in a crowd watching on as an aircraft begins turning to the right. A bearded black man in military uniform walks down a short ladder ffrom the aircraft and waves to the camera. Amassed crowd mills around in front of the landed aircraft facing towards them side on with a star on its hull. Elderly man with round spectacles shakes another mans hand. Close up of two elderly men in suits watching on with the crowd behind him and speaking to one another. Close up of gentleman with a moustache shaking hands with another gentleman out of shot. Several business like men in suitsand carrying suitcases and one wearing a bowler hat walk along a platform next to Dining Car 1407. Close up of women in trench coats with a man and boy next to them facing the camera clearly watching something. A painting of aristocrats gathered around a table with documents in front of them- The Congress of Vienna 1815. Camera pans around a room with other paintings to painting of similar image of aristocrats around a table. A figure standing up on a podium with others sitting down around him talks to others sitting in rows of desks on ground level in front of him. Soldiers crouched down with bayonets and uniformed to the left of the screen with horses being along the gap on the path which is left and one of the soldiers walks in the direction of the camera. A tank with a gun on a turret and and several soldiers on top rolls forward with smoke in the background. Burning shell of an army vehicle in a forest surrounded by tress and two uniformed soldiers carrying guns run in front of the camera. A man in army uniform passes a note to a man wearing a suit and bowler hat with two men in army uniform in the background and speaks to him. Two men in army uniform mutter to one another whilst entering a hall. Zoomed in shot of men in suits around a table in the hall. Several suited and uniformed men on a podium with the American flag behind them look at notes on the table in front of them. A boy facing the camera is held by a male figure and gazes intensly at something. Flags including the Union Jack billow in the wind. Another shot from a different angle of the flags flying. Several men in a hall filled with rows of chairs take a seat as one. Camera pans across the seated men and up towards a podium with men seated upon it. An open page entitled Charter of the United Nations with a subheading of We the peoples of the United Nations Determined. Small boy and smaller child walk together holding hands on a apth surrounded by rubble. Shirtless skinny man lifting up something in his handand examines it perched on a ledge next to another man in a shirt with a v neck gillet over it and hands clasped together. Unfinished Catalogue.

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