Film: 8476

Aviation | 1930 | Sound | B/W


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Amy Johnson and Jim Mollinson at Croydon Airport 1930's

Aircraft featured -
Cierva Autogyro G - ABUD, Moths G - ABWN, G - ABWL
DH moth Jason

Title: "Mollison And Amy Johnson In". Title stays on screen, now over footage of cloudy sky; then title and credits. Two planes flying over a field, on above each other. Man in flying plane. Plane flying. Amy Johnson in plane waves. Mollison waves back. Plane flying overhead. The two planes. A rich couple in a large car in the countryside; the woman says that she would love to fly in a plane, the man the opposite. Plane flies over field as if about to land, then flies up again, over more fields and trees; it is a Moth G-ABWN. View from on the plane as it flies around.

Two people on bicycles on a country road look up at the plane and then fall over. The two people in the car. Two people on a motorbike stop to look. Plane flies over. Motorbike rides up to car; the people on each vehicle bicker with each other. View from a plane. View from the bottom of the plane as it comes in to land. The plane landing. Mollison gets out of the plane and turns its engine off. The car and motorbike on the road; two people try to turn the motorbike around; cars drive up behind them. A group of schoolgirls running across a field stop to look at the plane. They run along and jump over a gate. They run across some shallow water. Their legs splashing the water. They run across a road.

Mollison gets out of a plane; the girls run up to him. One of the girls asks if he is famous. Mollison replies that he is not, and that he is a sort of hiker. One replies that they are hikers too. They offer him help; one gives him a light, another tells him the way to a garage. The car and motorbike drive along. Mollison says that he was unsure of where he was so he came down to find where; the girls laugh. A man and woman sit on a fence, then walk away; boys come running down a field and shove past them.

The boys climb through a hole in a wire fence and keep running. They run up and ask if the pilot is Mr Mollison. He asks why they want to know. The boy says that he bet his friend that he was. Mollison says that he borrowed it. The boy asks if he is Mr Mollison, and Mollison replies that he is; the boy asks for a ride in the plane. Mollison asks what his mother thinks; the boy replies that it won't matter after he's had a ride; the girls laugh at this. A woman walks up from a car. As two people walk over, a girl asks what it felt like flying to South Africa. The woman says she knew a man from South Africa; Mollison says that he didn't meet him; she says that he's been dead for seven years.

The two people on the bicycle try to mend it by the side of the road. Mollison talks to a man from the garage and asks him for six gallons of petrol. The girls standing around the aeroplane. The two people push the bicycle along. A plane flying. A man pushing a cart along and singing. As he looks up at the plane, and the people by the bicycle do the same, he crashes into them. People standing by the plane; a girl points up at the sky. The plane comes down and flies over the field. People look up at the plane. Mollison gets out of his plane. The other plane comes down to land. It lands on the field. Shot from the front of the plane. It comes to a stop.

Mollison walks up to talk to Johnson; he says that he has run out of petrol. Two men at the petrol station; the messenger says that he wanted six gallons of oil. A boy asks Johnson what it felt like flying to Australia. She says it was fun, no one to spoil it; a man asks what she thinks about while flying, and she says little things. A man starts to ask her a question. The girls are gathered around Mollison and talk to him. The boy asks Amy to give him a ride; he says that he will be a great flyer; she asks what his name is, and he answers.

The boy climbs into the plane and sits down; Johnson tells him to put the seatbelt on, and hands him a helmet; the man from the car asks her if she will have him as a passenger. His wife reacts disapprovingly. Johnson asks if anyone will help her get the plane started, and the man from the car says yes; she starts to climb into the plane. She gets into the plane. A woman asks Johnson a question. Johnson replies yes, then asks the boy if he is ready. She starts moving the plane. The plane flies off and away into the air. The girls gathered around Mollison look at the plane. The plane flying in a loop; Graf Zeppelin?? Airship. G-AAYJ is DH60G Gipsy Moth. The girls pestering Mollison for a ride in his plane.

A man riding on a motorcycle. He arrives at Mollison and the girls, and asks if Mollison is in trouble; girls pester the man to give him petrol, which he does. Mollison climbs onto his plane. The girls talk amongst themselves. The man passes the petrol up to Mollison. Johnson's plane flies loops. A girl gets into Mollison's plane. Someone starts the propeller. The girls all talk to the one in the plane before it moves away. View from the back of the plane as it takes off. View from the bottom of the plane as it flies over the field. The girls duck as the plane flies over them, and then run after it. View from the bottom of the plane.

Mollison asks the girl what she wants him to do, and she tells him to go up a bit. The plane flies in a loop. She asks him to go in a loop. The plane does one. View from a plane. The girl and Mollison. View from the front of the plane as it manoeuvres. The plane. View from the front of the plane. Mollison and the girl in the plane. View of the ground from in the plane. The girl. Both planes, against the clouds. A plane, from inside. Both planes in the sky. Johnson and the boy talk; she tells him to look ahead. An airship. Johnson and the boy talk. The airship as seen from the plane. Johnson in side the plane, which flies alongside the airship.

A plane in the sky. Mollison and the girl inside the plane. The airship. The two planes flying about. View from in one of the planes flying over the countryside; it starts to catch up with the other. View from the second plane of the first plane catching up to it; the other plane is a Moth G-ABWL. Mollison asks the girl if she can see something below; she replies that she has her eyes shut. Johnson and the boy turn around. View from Mollison's plane of Johnson's. The two planes flying around. View from one plane as it dives. Plane diving. From inside of plane. Plane swoops down, over tall trees and a field of animals. View from the side of a plane as it lands. Plane landing. Same. View from side of plane. Plane slows down. Again.

The plane comes to a stop and Johnson starts to get out; she exclaims "Look!" and looks upwards. A plane comes down to land. All the people standing on the ground look upwards. Mollison's plane in the sky. A policeman climbs out of the plane. View from Mollison's plane as he comes in to land. His plane starts to land. The policeman walks along away from his plane. Mollison starts to land. The tail of the plane as it stops. Policeman walking. The girls run over to Mollison's plane. The girls, boys, men and policeman surround Mollison; policeman talks to him. The policeman says that he is trespassing, and takes the names of him and Johnson. "The End".

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